Sydney And Her Friend

I was dating this a woman years back that paid me a great compliment. This woman was very attractive, mid 20's super thick body in all the right spots, Just the biggest breast I've ever had the pleasure of sucking on and pulling her nipples until they hardened. She is black and had a big thick country ***. We'd spend hours just licking and sucking each other even before sex. She had a pretty korean roommate who was really cute and would be classified as thick for an asian women which drove the brother on campus crazy. Any way one evening after a long sex session we were laying in bed sheets off. My arm was around her holding her breast and she was gently stroking my ****. a knock at the bedroom door snapped us back to reality as her roommate opened the door. I didn't even hear what she said as I watched her eyes focus on my **** still being stroked by my girlfriend. As she left the door slightly opened on her way out she said that my girlfriend was right I did have a great looking ****!
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36-40, M
May 23, 2012