A few days ago, My wife and her friend Jane were going out shopping.  My wife was picking Jane up, so Jane's husband Rick invited me around for a few beers while the girls were out.  When we got there, we exchanged hello's and the girls headed off.  Rick and I headed out by the pool and sat on the sun loungers with our beers.  We were there for some time, when Rick deciding that it was getting too warm, ******** off and jumped in the pool.  This was no big deal as Jane, Rick, my wife and I have been nude together several times before.  Not to be left out, I also ******** off and jumped in.  We were there for a couple of hours swimming and sunbathing, when we ran out of beer from the esky by the pool.  Rick went inside to get more.  After a few minutes, he came back but only had one beer that he had opened and was drinking.  I asked him if he had run out of beer, but he said that he had forgotten to get me one.  I got up and replied that "its ok, I am capable of getting my own" and so I headed in.  As I stepped into the house I was was surprised by my wife 's and Jane and one of Jane's neighbours Sandra.  I had never met Sandra before, only seen her a few times when arriving or leaving Jane and Rick's house.  I used my hands to cover up.  Rick had followed me in and started to laugh at my reaction.  My wife started to explain that they had got back from shopping about 10 minutes ago and met Sandra outside.  Jane had invited Sandra in to show her what they had bought.  They were sitting in the living room which had full view of the pool through the window.  Seeing that I was not sure what to do, Jane said that all the girls had already seen us by the pool.  I decided not to bother covering up anymore and went to the kitchen and got my beer from the fridge.

When I got back out by the pool, I cursed Rick for setting me up.  He said that he thought I would enjoy it.  He explained that Sandra has been around before and seen him naked.  She wasn't embarrassed anymore but has never joined in being nude. 

A few minutes later, the girls came out to the pool.  As my wife went to sit down, Rick ask her if she was going to join us.  She replied that she was already (with a smile).  Rick then said "you know what I mean". Saying "why not", my wife stood up and started to take her clothes off.  I could see Rick enjoying the view.  I could also see Sandra watching what was happening while she was talking to Jane.  As my wife was pulling her pants down, Jane turned around and seeing that my wife was naked, said "oh, you guys are staying for a while".  She then asked Sandra if she wanted to stay.  Sandra declined, but after Jane reassurred her that she didn't have to go or take her clothes off, while here, she decided to stay a little while.  Jane then went inside and came out a few minutes later topless while holding a bottle of wine and 3 glasses.  I was somewhat disappointed that she didn't ***** in front of me and was only topless now. I didn't get the same show as Rick did.  We sat around and talked while Sandra was with us fully clothed.    When we went for a swim, Sandra would put her feet in the water.  Sandra stayed for over an hour.  I very much enjoyed talking to her while naked.  She seemed to enjoy the view as well which I found exciting.  After she left, Jane came back to the pool and took off the rest of her clothes much to my enjoyment.  We stayed there for dinner and continued swimming naked together during the rest of the evening.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Nice! Good times! It's nice to know that Sandra finally came around a few months later.

Sounds like a great afternoon to me. There is something about casual nudity that brings people closer together. I guess it's the act of dropping barriers.