First Time I Saw Bush

Growing up we went to the public pool several times a week. I was in 7th grade and mom took us(my 2 sisters) to the pool. after swimming for a while I took a break and hanging out with my mom when one of her friends and daughter( she was older then me) walked up and started talking to my mom. I said hello and noticed they both had one piece bathing suits on. Right at eye level I saw light brown hair sticking out of the daughters bathing suit then looked over at her mom and her bush was sticking out the sides also. I joined the converstation just so I could keep looking. They left after awhile the whole time I was looking at a mom and her daugther's bush. I jumped in the pool right after they left. The daughter and I remained friends through school.
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There's nothing more sexy than a natural hairy Bush!!!!

You were looking at the outer edge of hair-pie my friend

this was more exciting then meeting both Georges

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You must change that bald to bush then m'lady. ^_^

It's a beautiful sight. I love hair sticking out of bikini's and panties. It says the woman is sexual to me and not ashamed of her sex.