Hand Underwear is Better

Since they only have 2 hands, something must show for real.

I "caught" a good friend coming out of the shower, and it was so funny to see which areas she grabbed for first. She tried to cover her entire top with her arm, and her lower parts with her other hand, but her breasts were bigger than her arm was wide, so ... . She always teased me mercilessly, so when she growled, "get out of here until I am dressed", I just said, "no way", and calmly sat on the bed, grinning from ear to ear! She turned around real quick, revealing a completely uncovered lovely ***, and tried to grab some clothes out of her dresser. But she was so flustered that she ending up dropping everything, so she had to bend over to pick the clothes up (nice). By the time she had made herself presentable I had essentially seen everything there was to see. After that I always joked that she had no reason to ever cover up, as I had already seen everything.
davyjo davyjo
51-55, M
Jan 14, 2013