Getting Around The Cop

I was on my way to pay some utility bills, I was driving a little too quickly in my daddy's car and failed to notice a cop at the road junction. He pulled me over, asked for my license and registration, and explained to me why he had to stop me. The whole time he was talking to me, he was looking at me strangely. He didn't take my paperwork back to his car but instead handed it back to me and told me to be more careful next time. As he was driving away, I wondered what had persuaded him to be so lenient. Catching a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror, I had my answer. My blouse, a light nylon button down, had very loose buttonholes. When I had leaned over to get the registration and insurance card from the glove box, my buttons had all come undone. I guess they are good for something.
Stacy8989 Stacy8989
18-21, F
13 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Yes they are

Wish that worked for male drivers and female cops

Love those buttons myself lol

One lucky cop... I would have loved to admire those breasts ;-)

Oh, they're good for a LOT more than that.

Even a *Cop * likes to look..
The * girls* were helping you, and you didn't even know it!!!. Hmmm

Your delightful assets worked in your favour.

We're such simple creatures Carrie! lol. I suppose you already know that though. ;)

It seems as though they always look in the chest area when talking. If I ask what color my eyes are after, they wouldn't know, but ask about that area, and get a good disc<x>ription!

Every time my wife has a special favor done for her I kid her that she must have popped a few buttons. She looks at me embarassed and smiles. I have never seen her pop buttons for this purpose, but would love to see her do so.

If you don't play dumb, are polite and have a nice rack...yeah, that's a "no cite situation"!

Attagirl! I'm sure you will find they help you in many, many ways in the years to come...!

A wise use of assets at little cost to you.