Flattering, I Think.

I don't know why people have such a problem with people staring.  I think that it is like a compliment without words. Or at least that is how I take it.  I always wear revealing and low-cut shirts so everyone men and women can admire them.  All my girlfriends want my boobs, and who can blame them, lol.  I love them, I think that my boobs are my best features, my eyes second, but anyways.  I will be posting more pictures when I have time, so... go comment on them!

BamaBabe87 BamaBabe87
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8 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Very good. I agree.

Pluezze add me!

My lower cut tops are reserved for the days when I'm looking for attention, complements, or just in the mood to tease a bit. I especially enjoy wearing the snuggest of them when I am out with my sweetheart. Oh the looks he gets from other guys! It's fun. Yep, they are 100% natural, and all HIS. Look on, just don't touch without a specific invite ;-)

BamaBabe87, I would love to see your pics and offer comments on them, but your privacy settings prevented me from adding you to my circle. Can you revise your story to delete that suggestion if you are no longer accepting friend requests?

Yes your boobes are very nice i would love to see more of them.<br />
Just like another friend of mine in red on EP hers are very nice too.

I saw the pic of your boobz i your gallery, grate stuff! Do you fall over alot? lol.

yes! thank you!<br />
i do like to look.<br />

wow.i m waiting 4 pict of yr bubs