When My Man Goes Down On Me I Never Have A Headache!

Men, if you learn to satisfy your woman completely and totally she will crave sex, even beg you for it! The trick is to eat her out frequently and preferably everytime you ****.
Guys need to be aware that more often then not this is the best and most effective way to get her to ***. In fact most females do not *** through straight penetrative intercourse. Females need a LOT of direct stimulation of the clitoris in order to ***.
When my husband goes down on me which is 90% of the time we have sex, he spends a lot of time pleasing me, bringing me to ****** over and over again and I enthusiastically suck his ****! I rarely turn down sex, in fact I initiate often!!
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That's the way it should be; in my opinion.

Craves the sweet taste and hearing her sweet purr turn inside deep expression if her desires and pleasure

I can vouch for what you say through my personal experiences...

I am that kind of guy who goes.down.whenever.allowed and never expect reciprication. I just love making a woman feel awesome. Of course I simply love just going down on a.woman.

Your point is well taken. Thanks for sharing the female perspective. Personally, I take a great deal of pleasure in bringing my wife sexual gratification from going down on her- it's wonderful and a major part of our intimacy.

Well, that was refreshingly candid.

I totally agree with you here I think a man should always lick his partners ***** if he really wants to please her. No better way to get the juices flowing and get primed for an ****** for them both. A rushed job is probably a botched job much better to get the engine warm before starting on the journey so to speak

I love to eat

I think every man should read and remember that! ;)

Thank you! I agree lol!

Well, my husband would get a lot more if he reciprocated more, you know?

Oh believe me I know! Lol

There is kind of an unfair double standard when it comes to those expectations. :(

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That's a man's proper place! Satisfying their women!

How i wish my wife liked being pleasured down there. Dont understand how a woman wouldnt

Me neither!

Is she worried about how she smells or tastes?

The best advice I got was from a lover in my early 20s. He said, "As guys, we don't like doing things we don't WANT to do. So if it's outside of work, which we have to do, it's because he WANTS to. If he's down there, you'd better believe he's there by choice. So lay back and enjoy. And then he did the dive.

I have had sex with two women who would not allow me to eat them. I never asked them why, but I think they did not want to reciprocate.

One of my wife's lovers had a huge ****. It really was larger than a horse's. He told her he did not expect her to try to put it into her mouth because that was uncomfortable to him. However, he ate her to ****** many times. She never refused the opportunity to have sex with him and she still regrets that he had to move to another part of the country.

What, are all girls programed to say this. Wife says the same thing, I spend all sessions on my knees but I'm not complaining, I truly enjoy going down on her and watching her ***.

How about after sex, would you let him then, would that be a turn on?
Would you consider adding me?

I'll go down more often. Thanks for the insight. :) would love to be part of your circle. Thanks

i love going down on a women

I always go down on my wife, she loves it and I love the taste, it's so intimate as well - and gives me a raging hard-on... we love to 69

So what is the routine he goes through to make you happy ? What do you like that pleases you that other women would like to receive ?

A lot of men don't know that women who *** thru intercourse are rare. My girlfriend doesn't, so I am more than happy to pleasure her orally. It is such a thrill and it really gets her warmed up to reciprocate.

I consider going down and eating a woman as the most important and intimate act that I can do with her. Giving her as much pleasure as she wants, I know that I'll receive the same in return.

Having a talented tongue is very important.

It's important to have a talented tongue.

lucky guy

Do you mean 90% of the time or on 90% of the occasions, or both? Someone here once said that what really counts is size and that a mouth is just a mouth. I couldn't help wondering if she'd ever had a real ******.

happy wife, happy life.
For me the real surprise is that some men actually dont like giving oral.
to suck it off is amazing though... before and after fukcing it.

You are so right!
Love going down ;-)

Gosh, I’m still on try let go and explode that way. Got the partner with the perfect mouth touch to reach it but he said next time he won’t let me go. He got me on extreme edge but she needed a rescue from his soldier boy...

Absolutly correct Jane......I luv going down on my lady & I know she enjoys it every time....has multiple ******* & treats me "Real Good" in return !

i like relieving head aches this way as well

I totally agree. I gotta lick it before I stick it. I like the girl to *** several times from licking before we ****. I luv to taste a womans ***. The messier the better:P

the ultimate kiss is our standard, mmmmm