I Am A Yes Wife

Since my husband convinced me of being a *** **** which I am proud to say I am the best *** **** around the word yes is the only answer you will ever hear from me. I tossed the word no from my brain and have not used it in over 5 years in which time I have ****** and sucked 630 different men leaving each one satisfied with most of them doing me multiply times. I **** and suck 3 or more different men everyday or 362 days of the 365 in a year. I have just went without for 2 weeks for a fundraiser before being sold as a sex slave at auction raising eighteen thousand dollars for the cause with me ending u ******* and sucking 155 different men while being a sex slave in a 58 hour period it was exciting from start to finish with all of them satisfied in the end.
wifeslavetobbc wifeslavetobbc
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I wish I could suck that many *****

Hubby must be proud,I know I would !