My Gf's Fat ***

so today me and my GF went to pizza hut. she ordered 10 large sassage pizzas. she made me eat 4 of them. my belly was so bloted when i stood up my jeans button poped of and hit her jiggly belly. she had the rest and befor we got home she made me take her to dairy mart. she got 8 64.oz drinks. she made me drink 3 of them. the bottem of my pants ripped. my belly also stuck way out of my shirt. she somehow got away with wareing nothing but some size 4 (weich barely fit, her belly ripped the pants everytime she walked) skinny jeans, and her bra (that she bought befor her weight gain) befor we left she weighed 125 IBS but now she weighed 134 IBS! she gained 9 pounds in a day! she was also horny too. she said it was from her fat belly that got bigger (hell yah!) so we had some fat belly sex ( ^▼^ ) GF wrote that part. it was so damn awesom. GF also wrote that.
Darkness11 Darkness11
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Sounds like she's gonna get even fatter to me!