Sexy Style

A few weeks ago, I was walking around campus in a hurry to get to another class when I passed a lovely brunette jiggling down the sidewalk. She had to be cold, but she was wearing a shirt that was at least three inches too short for her. She had a solid layer of belly fat including enough for love handles. I would estimate that she probably wore about a 14 in pants. I am still wondering if she had just gained a lot of weight or if she was proud of her chub. Either way, she looked great and deserves more than the tribute that she is getting here. As she walked past, I regretted not having a chance to talk to her.

I have one comment and one question about this experience:

First, if you are a pretty girl with some chub, please share it. There is nothing sexier than seeing a girl with a soft, jiggling tummy. Even a tight shirt can share the jiggle, but showing skin is of course much better.

My question concerns what I might have been able to say to her. Is there a nice and not creepy way of telling a girl that you love the fact that she's chubby?
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Tell her that she's beautiful and ask her out to dinner!