The Shirt That Kept Riding Up!

A friend of mine requested that I wear a shirt that shows my belly and bellybutton so I agreed to it. I walked all over my house as I did housework and my shirt kept riding up. Even when I bent down to pick something up my shirt still kept riding up above my belly. I helped my sister prepare dinner and my shirt was above my belly about to my bra, but we were so busy she didn't pay attention to it. Later on we went to the store and I took my four year old nephew in the store with me, but that didn't stop my shirt from coming up. I made sure I put on my jacket so that no one would see my back cause no matter how much I pulled my shirt down, it still would ride up above my belly. My nephew and I walked around the store and I could feel the cold draft every time I reached up or bent down. I had to constantly keep pulling my shirt down as I try to shop and hold my nephew's hand at the same time. It was quite an experience but I don't know if I will do it again or not anytime soon.
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9 Responses Mar 4, 2013

Love seeing a woman's shirt ride up when they are reaching up or bending over. Also love it when the wind blows a woman's shirt up. You never know how high up the shirt will go. Nice.


When I was a little boy I used to wear sweatshirts that would ride up and show my tummy. the other kids would have sweatshirts that rode up accidentally but I loved it so so much!

I love this story .

I bet it looked very sexy!

Don't pull it down. I love to see a womans shirt ride up, and exsposes there sexy bellybutton and lower back. It's sexy.

don't quit just wait for warmer weather . girl at one of the grocerie stores shirt rides up while putting food on shelf , i love it !

I had a girl in one of my high school classes who wore this white sweater that came down to just past the top of her jeans. Like the lady in the story above, the gal's sweater would not stop riding up. It just kept on going up and up no matter what she did. I saw her stretch to the side to take something off her friend's desk (who sat next to her), and that sweater, which was already ridden up quite considerably, rode up even higher, though I don't see how it was possible. At that point, her friend saw how much of her back was showing and said something to her about it, and she pulled it down.

But that didn't stop the sweater from riding up again....

i like to follow people and watch when there shirt rides up or pants slide down .it is more exiting than seeing them nude . lets you imagine ! it's really great when you are caught looking and they don't try to totally hide just let it ride .