A Fun Friend Part 2 A Treat For The Other Man

Two weeks later he is set to come over at seven again. My wife has spent all afternoon getting ready again. I tell her babe just shave your ***** and take a bath don’t get all made up and everything. And she tells me no I have to look good for him. ok babe. Then we hear a knock at our door its him our new **** buddy. This time I answer the door and let him in and we sit down in the living room. My wife comes walking down he hall into the living room and says hi to our new buddy and she sits between me and him.
She notices my **** is hard already and she begins rubbing it through my shorts. I tell her rub his to babe so she is now rubbing both of ***** and she has us both hard already. I stand up and take off my clothes he follows my lead. I say babe suck his **** and play with mine. She says no you suck his **** and I will suck yours. We pull the foot stool out I sit on it and take his **** in my mouth my wife gets down on the floor and takes me in her mouth.
We do this for awhile and I say ok lets try something I tell the other man to sit on the chair which he does I ask my wife to sit down on his **** facing out but do not insert his **** because I want a **** and ***** buffet so she straddles him and lays back on him I proceed to suck his **** and lick her ***** I am going back and forth from his huge **** to my wife’s soaking wet *****. I do this for about ten minutes and ask my wife are you ready for his **** babe. You say oh yea baby put his huge hard **** in my ***** please. So I take his **** guide it toward your waiting hot wet ***** you slide down on him as I am sucking his balls you begin riding his ****. You then lift up and off his **** and say honey lick my juice off his ****. So I take his **** deep in my mouth and all I taste is your ***** I run my tongue all up and down his hard **** and then guide him back into your *****.
Damn I am so horny by this point. I stick my tongue out so that every time you drop down on his hard **** my tongue hits your **** you start screaming oh my god oh my god and you have a huge ****** I see your juice running down his **** so I start licking your juice off his balls good it taste so good. My **** is throbbing I stand in front of you **** hard as a rock and ask you can you take me to babe? You stop riding him and drop all the way down on his **** I approach your soaked ***** and place the head of my **** right above his and push it penetrates you just a little and you scream ouch oh god ouch oh god oh baby oh my god **** me and you start convulsing up and down on his **** as I **** you at the same time you don’t even know your own name now it is the best sex you have ever had and I can tell I can not hold back anymore and fill you with my *** I remove my **** and get back down between your legs as you are still riding his **** I lick his balls I can taste your *** and my *** now. And he says I’m going to *** you pull up and off his **** and remove his condom. suck his **** babe and swallow his *** for me.
So I take him in my mouth and begin sucking him oh your juice taste so good off his **** and he explodes there is so much *** I gag on it just as you shove my head down on his **** hard shoving his **** right down my throat. We all get cleaned up and sit down to talk. I tell him that me and you have talked and would like this to be a regular thing and would he be ok with that? And he says well I have to think it over and let you know with that we all said goodnight and he left. Me and my wife sat and talked about the totally hot evening we just had we decided we would find someone else if he decides not to come back. And we sit and talked about what the future may bring and then went to bed.
To Be Continued...
John11 John11
Aug 10, 2010