A Fun Friend Part 3

Well a few months went by and we had not heard from him. So we began looking for another **** buddy while we are looking. We hear from him in an email. He wrote to us hey guys sorry I have not gotten back to and he gave an explanation as to why so we started talking to him again and stopped looking for another **** buddy. We invited him over a few weeks later to play once again. This time we decided to play ***** poker he arrives at 3 in the afternoon as we are planning a very long session this time I answer the door and let John in (he finally told us his name) we have the cards all setup on the coffee table and a **** movie playing. My wife is wearing a very sexy plaid skirt and a white shirt (school girl outfit) and she looks wow hot. John walks up to her and says my god you look hot she replies so do you. I walk around the table and notice John is already hard I see the outline of his **** through his jeans.
We all sit down and we begin playing cards. John is down to his boxers my wife has not lost a hand yet she only started with two pieces though (very short skirt and no panties her ***** has been visible since we all sat down) I have my shirt and boxers left. We agreed at the beginning of the game after clothes are gone the winner of the hand could chose what sex act the looser had to perform. The next hand john lost and removed his boxers he has a very nice **** I would say about 9 inches and real thick. I look over at my wife and can tell she can’t wait to feel his **** in her I see her ***** getting wetter and wetter as she looks at his massive ****. I am hard now I can’t wait to see him **** her again. My wife losses the next hand and removes her shirt revealing her now swollen ****. The next hand John losses and I have the high hand hum? Ok John this is what I want you to do I look over at my wife and say honey lay down on the edge of the couch which she does right away and spreads her legs wide open revealing her very swollen and soaking wet ***** I can see a big wet spot where she had been sitting. She is even breathing real heavy.
Ok John I want you too take your **** rub it up and down between her ***** lips for half of the ten minute period then I want you too penetrate her with the head of your **** only pulling it in and out fast for the remainder of the time. John walks over between my wives legs and starts to rub his massive **** up and down between my wife’s ***** lips. She begins moaning oh god **** me please **** me John. I am timing and I tell John ok **** her with just the head of your ****. He gets the head of his **** just starting to penetrate her and she losses it and explodes with desire and starts to scream oh my god **** me now **** me John. John ***** her dripping wet ***** with just the head of his **** for the remainder of the time. I look at her face she has a begging type look on her face she wants his **** very badly now his whole ****. Ok back to playing cards now. My wife looks at me and says I didn’t loose that hand did I? The whole back of her skirt is covered in her juices my god I have never seen her so hot for another mans **** as she is now. I loss the next hand and remove my shirt. I loss the next hand too. I loss the hand in a row and my wife wins.
She looks at me and says ok payback time. She lays back on the coach and looks at John and says come here and he approaches her between her already wide spread legs. This is what I want you to do honey John insert your **** all the way in me. Without hesitation before she could even finish what she was saying he buries his massive **** deep in her *****. She screams oh my god I love your **** she is immediately deep in the throws of a huge ****** she wraps her legs around him to keep his massive **** inside her swollen ***** to finish her ******. She then looks over at me and says now he is going to remove his **** and you will suck it clean. He pulls his huge **** from her throbbing ***** I hear a plop noise as he removes his **** from my wife’s ***** (he has a very large ****). I have the biggest hard on I have ever had in my life now as I move over toward my wife and John I get on the floor in front of him and begin sucking his huge **** I taste my wife’s *** all over him I begin licking his entire length as my own **** is throbbing like it never has before I turn my head slightly and see my wives swollen gaping ***** as I suck the massive **** that made her ***** gape she is rubbing her **** and is very turned on watching me suck his huge **** I can see inside her ***** a huge puddle of her own ***. My time is almost up and she says now come over here and clean me up honey.
So I shift to the side and begin licking her ***** while I am stroking Johns huge **** her ***** is so open oh and taste like heaven I close my eyes and visualize his huge **** ******* her and ******* her and I hear her say oh my god John **** me **** me with your huge **** (she knew what I was imagining). She then says ok back to our card game. My wife losses the next and we are all now naked my wives ***** is on fire and me and John are both hard as rocks. John losses the next hand and my wives wins. My wife looks at John and says I want you to suck my husbands **** while stroking your own (my wife loves watching two men have sex) I stand and John gets on the floor in front me, of course we make sure my wife has a very good view and John begins to suck my **** and he is stroking his own. My **** feels like it is going to explode I look over at my wife and she is rubbing her very swollen ***** and she begins to have another ****** I can even see her *** running down the crack of her ***. I pull away from John and she says time isn’t up what are you doing. I say I’m about to ***. She says ok we will stop early and take a break it is only 6 o’clock I don’t want you ******* yet. So we all go out back naked still, John sits down and my wife sits next to him I sit down and look at my wife and John she is playing with his ****. I say to her babe you really like his **** hu? She replies with yes I do it feels so wonderful in my *****.
A few minutes later we return to the living room and we all sit down and talk we decide that we will play one more hand and the winner of that hand will direct the action from there. We hear a phone ringing in the back ground it’s Johns phone. He stands up walks over to where his clothes are and answers it. He looks at me and signals if it’s ok for him to step out back to take the call I signal to him it’s ok. Me and my wife are sitting there cards are already dealt and I ask her who would you rather win? She says I hope you do honey. John comes back in and says wow you guys won’t believe this! So I ask him what? He says that was a friend of mine from college he is here he just checked into a hotel. I say really do you have to leave? He says oh no remember I told you guys of my first bi experience it was with him I talk to him on the phone a lot I have not seen him in a few years though. Really is he bi? John says oh yea very. I look at my wife and say wow that would be even more fun honey. I look back at John and ask would he like to come over here and play with all of us? John says oh I don’t know if he will he said he just left his wife but I will call him and ask him. John steps out back to make the call. A few minutes later John comes back and says Jack is on his way. I say ok lets play this hand and see who wins. So we all pick up our cards and play the hand I win. Ok I sit back for a minute to think hum what to do I look at my wife and say where is the video camera? She says let me get it. I look at John and ask do you mind if I video tape this he says no that is fine. My wife returns with the camera, I set it up. The doorbell rings it is Jack I let him in we all say our hellos Jack is the only with clothes on so I say Jack take off your clothes which he does.
To mine and my wives amazement Jacks **** is even a little larger than Johns about the same length but thicker. My wife is staring at his **** as we explain our card game to Jack and ask him about the video camera. Jack says great let’s have some fun. I look at my wife and say honey why don’t you get down on the floor between them and suck there ***** for me. My wife walks up between them and gets on her knees and looks at these two huge ***** as she is stroking them both. She has this look on her face of sheer amazement I walk over and grab the camera and begin filming. She begins licking the head of Jacks **** and stroking Johns with her right hand. She opens her mouth wide and begins sucking the head of Jacks ****. I wonder to myself will his **** fit in her mouth. And at that moment she begins sucking him like I have never seen her suck she is getting almost half of his massive **** in her mouth and she is gagging badly on it. I move the camera down to her ***** I see her *** dripping off and landing on the floor in large dollops there is a large puddle under her already. She is going back and fourth between John and Jack sucking them and licking there balls. The look on her face as she is doing this is incredible she looks like she has found heaven. I say honey why don’t we move into the bedroom now. Without a word she gets up and walks into the bedroom John and Jack both follow. When I get in the bedroom to my surprise she is already laying on the bed legs spread wide with her face hanging off the edge. So I tell John you **** her while she sucks Jacks ****. John climbs onto the bed and between her legs and begins licking her swollen soaking wet ***** Jack walks up to her face slaps her checks a few times and shoves his huge **** in her mouth. She begins convulsing and forces Jack out of her mouth and screams as loud as she can oh my god **** me damn it **** me I need a big **** in me now. She begins sucking Jacks **** again.
John looks at me I tell him **** her now John and **** her good. So John climbs up and lays the head of his **** on her swollen ***** lips. She wraps her legs around him and tries to force him into her wanting ***** she looks up at me with an intoxicating look in her eyes I have never seen before. And John buries his huge **** in her with ease. I can hear her *** filled ***** squirting her own *** all over his massive ****. She pushes Jack out of her salivating mouth and pulls him up over her face and sucks on his balls and is stroking his huge ****. John is hammering her swollen ***** now she is having one ****** after another they are almost merging all in to one huge one. John says to Jack let’s trade places. These two men pick my wife up rotate her around Jack pulls her legs up and off our bed lines his **** up with her ***** and drops her all the way down on it to his balls. She starts to scream oh my god Jack **** me **** me **** me. She loves real thick ***** and his is very thick and is impaling her now. She is still screaming when John slides his **** into her mouth she can taste her own juices on him. She is having one of the hugest ******* I have ever seen her have If Jack was not holding her by the legs she would be flopping all over the bed. I can see her entire body quivering with pleasure. I am standing there watching these two hung men giving my wife the ******* of her life I am even video taping it.
My **** is so hard watching this if I stroke it the camera will shake so I continue filming my **** throbbing from what I see before me and I set it all up. My wife is having the time of her life and I gave it to her. Jack is bouncing her up and down on his **** he now has her *** dripping from his balls. John is ******* her face and she is in heaven with these two massive ***** ******* her from both ends. And then John say’s I am going to *** he looks at me I tell him *** on her face and in her mouth. He removes his **** from her mouth she grasps it and begins stroking him pointing it at her open mouth he begins to pump squirt after squirt of his hot *** in her mouth and all over her face and **** he covers her in his *** and lays back on the bed. Jack is now almost throwing her up and dropping her on his ****. I am amazed at how he is ******* her. Now he has her all to himself. He lifts her up and off his **** and drops her on the bed grasps her legs and flips her over he grabs her by the hips pulls her right up and buries his **** in her to his balls. John says to me let me film so you can get in there I move over and slide up under her face and she eagerly takes me in her mouth I can feel Johns *** on her face and in her mouth it is still warm. I swear I can feel Jacks **** going deep inside her ***** he has her by the hips and is slamming her down against his balls. She is in another world now. Jack says oh my god I am going to ***.
She is sucking my **** now like she never has. Jack pulls his massive **** from her ***** and begins squirting his seed all over her back and all the way up on my stomach I begin Cuming in her mouth like I have never came in my life the feeling that he was ******* her and then came all over us both was the most incredible feeling I have ever had his *** felt like it was on fire as it landed on me. My wife lifts her head off my now limp **** and says honey please clean his *** off my back so I get up walk around her bend over and lick all of his *** off her back I kneel down in front of Jack and lick his **** clean I can taste her *** all over his still half hard **** I lick all of her off his **** and balls the taste of his and her *** together is incredible. I look up at Jack and I say thank you very much for showing my wife the time of her life. He says no problem anytime she is very hot and I love her ***** only a few women in my life have been able to handle my large size.
We all return to the living room get dressed and I ask Jack how long will you be here in town. He says maybe for ever. We say our goodbyes. And Jack and John leave. me and my wife go out back I notice she is walking a little funny and I make a joke honey was Jacks **** to big for you? She says yea I am real sore babe I say good honey I am glad you had fun. And I ask her if he ends up staying here how often should we play with him? She says I don’t know he is awfully big maybe every couple months. Babe I really liked watching him **** you thank you honey.

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What a delightful story....you woman is ******* hot. And that bi experience was a ******* blast for you too.....thanks for making my **** throb ;-)