It's So Nice To Have Panties Riding Up

 it's so funny i hated when my men's underwear would ride up but i love my panties up snug up my butt it makes me feel so feminine and sexy as a small reminder that i am wearing panties and how lucky i am that i get to wear panties so sexy and tight on my cute ***.

jarviscooper jarviscooper
36-40, M
7 Responses Nov 2, 2009

I just want to walk up to a huge crowd, and drop my pants. I'd just stand there in my little pink satin panties. My thighs would shutter with girlish glee. Oh my panty bulge is vibrating on it's own. Oh my god. I feel so girly...mmm and I love it. My cute panties are a perfect fit. Mmmmm Ohhhh........

Me too! It really is a satisfying feeling & it makes me wiggle when i walk & sway my hips even before i put my heels on. ;)

I'm with all of ya guys. I used to wear woman's thongs everyday. All my panties were thongs except for a couple of briefs and one or two guy's brief boxers. Not I wear mostly hi cut briefs. I love when they ride up! It's such a sexy feeling! I love the way it looks on women too. I can't understand why women th=ry to hide them so much.

and it looks great on you also. Your pic is sexier than many nudes. I love it.

try wearing a thong over the full bottom pantie to give extra tucking feature for a tight booty snug fit ready for that middle finger molestation or that two handed man-handling

Oh makes me walk in great confidence and knowing the panty line gives it away, fabulous.

I'm like you...It reminds me of how sexy I am as a shemale