Last Night - Dressing Room @ Mall

Last night at the mall, my wife was trying on some tops at one of the big stores, and they had a mirror at the end of the hallway in the dressing room area. This was one of the classier big stores. She went down to the very last dressing room and tried on tops (jean shorts and no bra) but her door was part way open. When you looked down the hallway and looked in the mirror, you could plainly see her and got an incredible view and show. She knew what she was doing too. There were two guys in chairs outside the dressing room but at end of hallway peering down at that mirror and to say these guys came alive would be an understatement. They were glued and taking with each other about it. When she came out they just gawked at her, and then she went in and tried on two more tops doing the same thing. The bulges in these guys pants were way too obvious. Seeing those guys gave me a major hardon as well. There's just something about it.
justaguy2012 justaguy2012
2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

No cell phones to take pictures of that mirror?

Of course she knew - and that is what makes it so hot.