Change Room

A few years ago we were passing through a large country town and stopped for lunch.

We dropped into a department store to buy a couple of things we had forgotten. This was an old style store where the change rooms for trying clothes were simply an alcove covered by a curtain. I noticed that there were a couple of 18-20 year-old guys standing on the other side of the area, watching the girls going into the rooms. The girls were always careful to close the curtains, but the boys seemed to enjoy watching from the knees down as the girls slid out of their jeans and tried on their next outfits. They were obviously enjoying themselves.

I knew that I could do better than that.

I sent my husband Bill down to the other end of the store, where he was able to discretely watch the guys but not see into the change-room. I walked around the store finding a selection of outfits, skirts blouses and lingerie.

I then entered one of the alcoves, reaching behind me to pull the curtains together, but leaving a three inch gap in the middle.

Standing to one side, behind the curtain, I lowered my jeans to the floor. I then bent over and deliberately removed my knickers, taking time to step out of them as I held them visible around my ankles. The guys now knew that I was half naked, and Bill tells me that they were moving to the side to try to see around the curtain.

I then removed my shirt, and as I wasn’t wearing a bra, ended up naked. I stepped past the curtain gap to select a shirt from the wall hook, and stood in profile as I put it on. I leaned back to slip my arms into the sleeves behind my back, giving a clear side view of my pubic tuft and sticking my breasts out and up. My nipples were truly sticking out by this time.

I slowly buttoned up the shirt then selected a pair of lace knickers to try (even though health regulations prohibit this). After putting them on, I kept my head facing the mirror and slowly turned my body forward as though I was checking my bum. Bill tells me that the boys were grinning wildly.

I turned back to profile and removed the blouse, putting on a sheer bra. I tried on a couple more variations of the undies, each time doing the body turn towards the curtains. Bill tells me that another guy was walking past and suddenly decided that there was also something he desperately needed to see on the stand where the boys were, although why he was interested in ladies dressing gowns is a puzzle!

Bill took his cue from this and went over to the area. As he did, one of the boys gave a knowing look and nodded towards the curtain. At that stage I was standing in profile wearing nothing but a bra. Bill decided that he’d accept this invitation to watch his wife’s show, even though the other guys didn’t know our relationship.

The 4 guys watched for another couple of minutes as I finished trying the clothes. When finished, I ******** to the knickers in profile, and then bent over and removed the knickers stepping sideways as I did so that I was then facing the gap in the curtains. I had my head sideways for a few seconds then looked forward, gasping in “surprise” as I saw the guys and putting my hands to my face, then reaching up and clumsily closing the curtains so that they swung around.

The guys commented to each other that they enjoyed the show, and Bill said he intended asking me to go home with him. The others told him that he had no chance.

I left the change-room after getting back into my own clothes, and walked out to the food court. Bill came up behind me and we started talking. The original two guys were watching from a distance. After a little while I gestured to a table, and Bill bought two coffees.

We chatted for a while, and then left the Mall, passing the two guys as we left, with Bill giving them the “thumbs-up” as he slipped his hand onto my bum.
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you really know how to spot the opportunity for a bit of a show!

<p>Great story! Dressing rooms are certainly lots of fun (when you can find the "right" type).</P>

A little naughtiness is such fun. I had a lover grab my gonads at the checkout of a hardware store, and fondle me in a way that only the cashier could watch. Nothing was said, but they grinned at each other and both unconsciously licked their lips. We laughed as we exited

Very hot!

Great sexy fun..

That is hot! Just a shame they could not have sampled your body as well as seeing you naked

what an awesome story you guys are great

bravo for you, you should have gotten a standin ovation.

Would love to have been there watching. Turned on by the thought.

OMG, very hot. You are a perfect wife.