The Mind Can Be A Person's Sexiest Feature

A few years ago my wife and I started sending each other sexy emails occasionally just as a little extra "spice" in our sex life. It started with me sending her a message with various image attachments that I had found on various **** sites. Those images showed people involved in doing things that I wanted to watch her do, things I wanted to do *with* her, and some were just shots of various guys or girls that I thought she'd look hot playing with. That sparked a whole new thing for us where we would send each other sexy little "notes" or write little stories for each other to get the other in a horny mood. That also progressed to sharing our feelings (and hot thoughts) on various things we'd experienced as we slowly got into "the lifestyle."

I created this group because I just *have* to believe that there are others that do this same thing. And what really prompted me to do it was perusing through my old emails from my wife and rediscovering a message she had sent to me two days after having sex with my best friend for the first time. In keeping with that, my first post is the actual text from her email. It is included in its entirety, and only the names have been removed for discretionary purposes. I welcome your comments and would love to hear stories from others as well.

To My One and Only:

Where do I start? We finally did it! I still can't believe it, it's still sinking in. I know we've already talked about all of this A LOT, but I wanted to share with you again my feelings - this time in writing. I know you love to read what I have to say, and I think by typing all of this to you it also reinforces things with me too. I promise to not hold anything back. Hell, I'm still too horny from all of it to hold back anyway lol.

When you first mentioned to me that you thought it'd be hot to watch me with another guy I thought it was a little odd. You know that. Then the more we talked about it and I heard your side of it the idea really started to turn me on too. And I'm fully aware that I ****** up big time, and you know that will never, EVER happen again! Like I told you before, for awhile I couldn't believe that you'd still even want to do something after all of that. But you always amaze me! Ok enough of that. I know you want to hear the good stuff lol.

Ok, here we go. Some of this may sound like I'm exaggerating a little bit, but that's how I mean it to be. I'm not exaggerating my feelings, but it's just the only way to really convey to you how this has all made me feel. It deserves the truthful exaggeration, and I promise I'm being 100% truthful as I type these things to you.

For starters, I have to tell you I definitely LOVE [name ommited]'s ****! There's always that wonder when you explore a new person like that and in a way I was nervous that he could have some ugly, deformed looking **** or something lol. Not that I really thought that he would, but it's always a possibility. And with him being our friend that could have sucked! Fortunately that isn't the case at all. Like I told you he's actually bigger than I figured he might be too. Bonus lol!

It was definitely weird that first night when stuff first happened. I know after we ALL talked that night though that I felt a lot better about everything and I definitely felt like he was the right one. It was still a little weird when you lifted my shirt up right there in the kitchen to show him my ****, but that's just because we were never in a situation like that before. And as you know I didn't resist that at all. In a way it was almost a relief if that makes sense. It's just that this whole thing built up for so long, and there was so much flirting between him and me for so long, especially after you talked to him about everything. It was like an ice breaker I guess. And I'll be honest with you, it turned me on for him to see my ****. By that time I WANTED him to see them! And it also turned me on the way he just walked over and started playing with them without hesitating too. He knew it was alright to do that, and the confidence he had to just come over and do it was hot to me.

Now, getting on to even better stuff - blowing him! I was definitely a little nervous going into that, but I knew it was a good first step. I literally had this flush, prickly feeling when I was unzipping him. Part of that was nerves, and part of it was definitely the excitement. I know you love when I'm descriptive so I'll do my best lol. Watching his **** fall out right in front of my face like it did when I pulled his pants down was SO hot! I had a little disbelief that it was actually happening, but still it turned me on A LOT! That might have even been part of the turn on. I mean, we talked about it for SO long and then there I was with his **** right in front of my face. Baby, it felt SO good to finally take him into my mouth! He grew so big and hard SO fast, and that really had an effect on me! I know we all had waited so long for that, and to finally be sucking on him felt really good to me. And I thought it might even be a little uncomfortable with you sitting there just watching me, but that was a HUGE turn on!!! As you know it didn't take me very long to really get into it once things really got started. I loved the way he was reacting to what I was doing too. I have to agree with what you said about him being a perfect fit. I was already very comfortable with him before that was even over. And I know you want to hear this so I'm just going to say it flat out - I LOVED having him *** in my mouth. I knew that'd blow you both away and I'm SO glad I just decided to do it. I admit I was a little worried because of all the hot **** you guys like to eat lol. But fortunately he didn't have a bad taste at all. Though it was A LOT of ***! I'm just glad I didn't embarrass myself and choke or something lol. But seriously, that was REALLY hot though. I could just feel his **** throbbing and pulsating in my mouth when he was ******* and it was SO hot knowing that I made him feel that good. That was definitely the hottest thing I ever did until.........

This last weekend! OMG! After everything that had happened and everything we talked about and fantasized about I figured it'd be fun and hot, but I NEVER expected it to make me feel like it actually did!!! And I know we said after I blew him that we'd just take things as they came and do what felt right, but it felt right as soon as we started messing around. Playing with both of your ***** at the same time was just driving me CRAZY and I knew right then that I just wanted to keep going! And OMG, you eating me out while I was sucking his **** - HEAVEN!!! That was SO hot! And I'll never forget you looking up at me and saying "looks like you're enjoying that ****. You want him to **** you?" I know I tried to play it cool but I'm sure I didn't do a very good job lol. YES, by that time I DEFINITELY wanted him to **** me. Even getting into position for him to do it was turning me on lol!

I know we fantasized about watching together as he put his **** into me the first time, but I really think it was almost hotter the way it happened. At least it was REALLY hot for me! Being on all fours like that and having you laying in front of me with your **** in my face and then feeling his hands on me getting ready to do it was SO hot to me! And then, when I felt him penetrate me... OMG! I know we've talked about this already, and I know I've answered this question for you several times, but I'll tell you again - HIS..... ****..... FELT..... GREAT!!! YES it felt BIG, YES it FILLED ME UP. MMMMM lol! I wish I could accurately convey to you how hot it was for me and how good it felt to have you in my mouth and feel his big **** pumping away at me from behind! I know you were worried that the way I was looking up at you made it seem like I was saying "I'm not sure about this" but again, that wasn't it at all. And I could only express so much facially with your **** in my mouth lol. But again, what I was really saying with my eyes was "****, this feels so good and it's so intense that I don't know if I can handle it." Seriously, it was almost like sensory overload! But it was SOOOOO GOOD!!!

Baby, I just want you to know that I love you, I am IN love with you and that I really enjoyed myself! I definitely did it because I WANTED to do it. You know I wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to. But I DID! And I'm glad WE did it! And I LOVED it! I just say a little thanks every day that you stuck by me after I ****** up. You KNOW that wasn't me! And I'm glad we did this the right way. I definitely see all of those things that you told me and the stuff we read about. I admit it - I feel even closer to you since we did that! I still don't understand exactly why, but I do! And it feels SO good! The ONLY thing that worries me at all (if you can call it a worry) is that I just have this feeling that I could become a real **** for this kind of thing. You KNOW the way I was until after we were married for a few years and you opened me up sexually. It felt so good getting to that point and I felt so much more open and really, truly ENJOYED sex for the first time in my life. And now this has definitely opened me up even more. But I am NOT ashamed to admit that I like it. Actually, I LOVE it!!! And if enjoying having sex with two men at the same time makes me a **** then..... I guess I'm a ******* **** lol!

Now that we've done this and I know how much I really do like it, I'll leave you with this little nasty thought. I think now that I can safely say that ANY time you and [name omitted] want to get me naked and **** me I'll do it! Obviously the situation has to be right. If the kids are home or we aren't somewhere where it can happen then that wouldn't work. But I know you know what I mean. But assuming that the situation is one where it can happen all you have to do is ask and you can both **** my ***** all night long! Even if you both just want ******** some nights I'll do it! And I know you'll love to hear it, so I'll tell you - I look forward to sucking and ******* [name omitted]'s big **** again..... and again..... and AGAIN! I don't know why this has affected me this much but it has, and unlike the "me" before I'm not going to fight it! Baby, you have a newly certified **** on your hands! ;-)

Above all, please know that I love you! You are the best thing to ever happen to me, and you always amaze me. I LOVE our life together, and it just keeps getting better and better!

I'm looking forward to tonight!


[name omitted]

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Jul 9, 2010