More Towels, Please

Usually I can control my squirting action to prolong the experience. So the other night I had two beach towels folded in quarters underneath me while my husband was feasting on my *****. I was telling him what I was going to do to him and where I was going to *** when he crawled up, pinned my arms down saying "Youve had your way enough lately", and proceeded to **** me. He was lightly sucking my neck to help me relax while I was confined. As I surrendered to him, I felt myself building. I told him I was going to ***. He kept his pace, not changing a thing.

When I squirted, it kept going in a steady pulse. I felt as if I was stuck in an ******. I was begging, moaning, and squirting. When he finally came, I shook from the tremors of my ******.

I finally found the strength to move and begin to clean up. I had soaked through both towels, the sheet, and the mattress
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

My wife has done the same thing (more than once) and I have to do the laundry in the house

A true labor of love?

I have to say yes, it is worth it