Nice Teasing See Through Blouse

      I bought this for my wife with about 2 other blouses. They all have some light-colored design, and certain portions of the blouses are a white see through "chiffon-ish" material.  When I bought them I knew each one of them had something that could be interesting. The best one has a white with flowers solid material on top. It's a short sleeve blouse, and the sleeves are sheer. The solid white with flowers are on her shoulders and goes down in the front and back. The solid just barely covers her boobs, and the sleeves are deep for a nice side look. I knew this when I bought it. The entire bottom of the blouse from the material that barely covers her **** to below her belt is all white chiffon-ish. Totally sheer!!
    We decided to go have a few drinks with some friends at this bar/eatery we go to a lot. We always have fun, catch a buzz, play darts or pool, and eat. It was a nice sunny day in the 80's. I had on shorts and shirt, and my wife wore her new blouse with stretch white shorts. When she told me she was wearing it, I pleaded for her not to wear a bra. Because the material covered her ****, she was ok with that.  What she did/didn't realize was that whenever she lifted her arms at all, the material went up with her shoulders. As that happened, and I knew it would when I bought it, I could see her boobs through the sheer material. She drove her car since I was going to have a few beers. When she was driving, having her hands on the steering wheel lifted the shirt enough to see her perfect tear drop **** perfectly. When she made turns I could see her nipples. The picture is after we got home and I'm sorry about the quality, we were both pretty wasted. got the idea, right??  

     So we get to the bar and our friends were by the dart boards sitting at these high cocktail tables. When we came in, she gave our friends little pecks on the cheeks, and I said my hello's. When my wife gave hugs I started throbbing in my pants as the shirt went way up. I noticed the guys realized the view after the first hug. We sat at the table and the waitress took our order. My wife was talking to one of the girlfriends or wives and because the table was so high, the material was up most of the time. The lower half of her boobs were constantly showing and when she lifted her drink or as she put food in her mouth, her amazing nipples came through too.
    After eating we got up and played darts. That's when my **** was at attention. It's a good thing I wore my baggy shorts. The guys in our area were trying so hard to not be too obvious, but it was impossible. The other girls were to busy chatting to notice, but the guys we were playing with just stood there as she aimed and threw her darts. With her arm up and trying to aim the dart towards the bullseye, her shirt was above her right nipple. I thought that was the best, until some of the darts bounced off the board to the floor.  When she bent over to pick them up, all the guys almost dropped their drinks.
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Great flashing shirt for sure!! Love see through!

Wow!!! That is so hot. And the photo just adds so much to the story. Loved it!

Darts, all sounds so good with you and your wife.