first off, my wife is an ex gymnast and world champion cheerleader.. to say she has a tight body is a gross understatement. she is about 5'2" and no more than 98 pounds soaking wet. with a very lean and fit body type. small C cub, with a heavenly a** that is proof of how many hours she has spent on a trampoline and how many squats she has done in her life time...

So... she has this dark grey dress that is skin tight, they type of skin tight where you absolutely cannot wear panties or a bra of any kind. the dress goes all the way down to her feet, with a slit in the side that goes up to just under her butt. In the right light it is completely see through. i love walking behind her in the day time and watching every single person she passes do double and triple takes..making sure to see every detail of her nip**** and then getting a good view of her amazing butt once they pass and look back. when the light is hitting her from the front you can see her ***** from behind, through that beautiful little diamond shaped gap. i have her wear it every time we go get dinner before going out to a bar or club. it makes her feel sexy enough to want to come home and put on the same dress only the short version that comes only a few inches below her *** cheeks...this dress is also the kind that does not allow for bras or panties. it's the perfect dress to take her out dancing in. once i am done dancing which is usually before i start, i retreat to the bar and watch what happens next..which will be continued in another story
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A cute lil thing like her deserves to have some pics posted!