My Wife's Beautiful Nipples

My wife has very perky firm breasts. She has large nipples that seem to be hard almost all of the time. I love when she goes without a bra in public and a breeze comes and I see her nipples harden. It is very hot seeing other guys checking out her ****. She rarely goes braless so when she does it is very exciting for me. Sometimes her nipples even show through her bra and shirt if it is cold enough or if she is feeling horny. Really turns me on other guys checking her out.
anghtssvv anghtssvv
31-35, M
2 Responses Nov 5, 2010

Sounds great! Hope she goes braless more often.

love seeing ladies with erect nipples through their clothes when out shopping or whatever always makes me smile not least because I wonder if they know or even if it is deliberate.