In Public.

When I'm out in public people stare at me and a lot of them laugh and point, especially when I'm at a fast food place because I'm sitting there stuffing my face. A few guys have asked for my number. 2 girls asked me for my number and said they were a feeder yesterday at KFC. I love this it turns me on.

- Looking for someone to encourage me to eat and to tell me I'm fat and stuff. Message me. :)
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18-21, F
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That's wonderful!

if you love what you do, go for it :) I adore people who love their body :) just don't damage your health or anything ok? msg if u want :)

Have a Merry Christmas and eat lots! Also. have a Fattening New Rear!

Why would you do this to your health? Trust me when I say that diabetes , heart problems, not being able to move like you want to is not the way to live.

Would love some advice/suggestions.

Add me:)

Me too, im 16 and im not fat but i would love to encourage a girl and stuff her all day longo privates if any interested

Thats what i would do2

sounds amazing! i'd love to help encourage you :D

That's funny-- KFC is where I ran into my ex recently and she commented on how fat I was getting. Must be something in the air at KFC.. Or maybe something in the belly... ;)

Nice pun!