Yesterday's six-inch dusting of fine wet snow has been followed by a wee bit of sun and temps in the mid thirties.  It is just enough to detect the slightest shrinking in the snow mass, and if one looks closesly, certain areas tend to take on that mysterious blue tinting.  What I really like about a gentle melt is how it smells.  It is refreshing like frigid bubbly soda on a parched summer day.

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I love when snow melts too :)

haha!<br />
No doubt!<br />
....and with the scent of ice melting in the bin.

swathed in a blue mist no doubt .. haha

Coffee, cigs and peppermint chewing gum.<br />
Cocktail hour will not arrive 'til the day's work is done. Which for me will be around 11:30 p.m. EST.<br />
Then, it'll be a bourbon old fashioned, well muttled and sweet, sipped slowly as I lock the doors, turn down the lights, and count the cash.

Hmm juan , I think destry was talking to me!<br />
<br />
Thank you destry .. he just has that psychedelic way of seeing things today .. probably not drug related at all. .. drink?

Oh we are buried here too, Frito. The melt is just a shrinking, followed by fresh powder.<br />
<br />
See Tasmin! Destry knows what I'm talking about and she's a sober one (despite all the tie dye hippie style).

You make it sound so yummy Juan. :)<br />
However I'm buried here so I can't wait for more melting...*laugh*

You've never seen a blueish tint to snow? It is often shown in artwork.<br />
Yes, ice, snow, water, do have a scent -- it is very subtle, but it is there.<br />
<br />
No not on drugs (today).

Mysterious blue tints??<br />
<br />
Frigid bubbly soda??<br />
<br />
Scent of ice melting in a glass???<br />
<br />
Are you on drugs??!!

Thanks for commenting, LV.<br />
It is only recently that I've really noticed and identified the scent. It is much like the subtle scent of ice melting in a glass.

Aw! I love the small of frigid soda on summer days, I never noticed that melting snow smells that way.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing this