I Can See The Grass!

2 weeks ago we were waiting for the big snowstorm.  That day the grass was beginning to be seen from the previous snow a few days before.  By the next day, everything's snow covered.  It's beautiful for a little while until it's time to get out on the messy roads then watch out you don't hit someone ... in fact I took some pictures I'll probably enjoy when it's much hotter and humid around here. 

The other day and today, though it appears there's a lot of snow melting, I want it to be gone soon.  I'm sure once it is and it gets warmer the grass will be soooo green, I can't wait for that!

Morgause Morgause
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Since my house faces north, I get an ice burg that stays on the front yard all winter long, no matter what the weather does, and if you don't shovel the walk immediately, the sidewalk is a skating rink! Thank goodness King Sopers has those big bags of salt right up front where I can buy them, or the poor mailman would break his neck! But yes, happy to see the grass, or should I say weeds finally getting greener! lol

Here, where I am, there is a lonnnnnnnng wait between the melt and the greening of the grass.