Let It Flaaaaaaaap!!!!!!! Flaaaaaaaap!!!!!!! Away In The Wind!!!!

I just love it when I know the beach will be very, very windy especially towards the evening hours. I'll drive out to the beach watching the sand blowing horizontal . By this time my heart is racing like there's no tomorrow . I'll pull over to the side of the road looking at the beach, taking off my shirt so that I'll have nothing but a dark blue baggy shiny nylon windbreaker on. The wind is soo strong that it closed my drivers side of the door shut right away. The moment I' m walking out to the beach my windbreaker is flapping wildly in the wind!!!!!!!... I just knew this was going to be a wonderful night.:-)....... I was walking out to the shoreline with open arms and my shiny nylon paper thin windbreaker flapping like it was a dream come true!!!.
I can't say it enough .... It is my allll time favorite , just going out and letting my windbreaker play music to my ears ..... Let It flaaaap , flaaaaap,!!!!!!!!away in the wind!!!!!!

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amazing i liked you experience, i would like to enjoy my windpants and jacket to in the beach windy. well i love when my windpants flap wildly in winds, clothes, capes and other flap. if i was there in the beach gusting i was doing the same. sometimes in my place is windy but not to stronger, the wind in my place is enough to enjoy my flapping pants does not excess more that 40 mph. also i recorded some videos about my flapping pants

Already saw your videos. They are amazing. I took the liberty of downloading them on my computer, so enjoy them when I feel like. I also have some large nylon pants. But not so broad as yours. Sometimes I short in the wind too.

Thank you for see my videos, it´s ok for download my videos, glad to see enjoying my videos so, i have some hide videos that i think you have not see, it some old videos but if you like to see some of my hide videos subscribe me. so tell me, do you live some windy place near?

Dear friend. Unfortunately, where I live not very often windy. Windy here once more. He even push people, but only few times a year. Now, no longer windy as before. Still a bit windy, but the pleasure of being pushed by the wind to the point of having to hold me, we do not have here. My most pleasurable experience with the wind, it was in 1989 with a giant baggy shirt made in satin viscose, which I had at the time. I got to be pushed by the wind several times that day, while my baggy shirt was shaken, inflated, curled and popped loudly high like crazy. Everywhere I went, I realized that my baggy shirt called people's attention due to its frenetic and loud flicker. Because of its thicker satin viscose, he kept the flow but popped high. If you would like to see the details of the story, just read on my profile. "The day my bag shirt, fluttered".
I am already registered on your youtube channel. I will leave this message there too.


I totally understand.
The feeling is incredible.
I already love baggy pants made ​​of nylon or polyester. They shine and the fluttering, pop like crazy.

That sounds awesome! I really envy you. The area where I used to go walk is getting all built up with houses. There's just nowhere to go anymore around me, on windy days. I think if I were with you, I'd be wearing silk scarves as well as the windbreaker. I wonder if there's such a thing as nylon trenchcoat? Something longer where you could feel the pull of it and get the sound from the sleeves but also have the drag of the bottom part whipping behind you. I don't know if I'd prefer the nylon windpants or a skirt. Probably have to try them both to find out! ;) And of course 50-80mph winds... never been anything like it. One day there were gusts up to 40, but that's all. I don't know why you'd want to be in a hotel, though, if you could stay out on that beach!

I envy you your beach! It's both the sound and the feeling that gets me, with windbreakers. Have you tried nylon wind-pants, too? It might get difficult to move, for many reasons, but that's no bad thing! Do you prefer your windbreakers with or without hoods? How long do you stay out on the beach? Do you have it all to yourself? I want to hear more!

Actually I'm looking to buy wind pants that I would love to have. I have a pair or to in mind. I think it would be the ultimate of my windsuit:-)... Well about the hood ... Umm .. Most of my shiny nylon windbreakers that I like always came with a hood.... Now I'm just waiting for the next wave of windy weather to come about that will get my heart pounding through my chest... I would love to have a female with me on the beach with a nylon unlined winbreaker on with her arms open on a Very ,Very windy beach and listening to our windbreakers flap loudly and rapidly in the wind 50-80mph winds...Imagine....and normally were I'm at there is nobody to be had.... Normally what I will do is drive from home to the beach ... Get a hotel room.... Change into my ' Windsuit ' ( windbreaker ) then go out for about 2-3 hr or more.... It's soooo fun and exciting !!!!!

Thanks for being so interested... It made my day!!!!!!

Looking foreword to hearing from ya. !!!