Luxurious Baths With My Girlfirend

My girlfriend and I love to take luxurious baths, together. We do it before we have sex. We like to be squeaky clean for each other, and baths together allow us to relax. When we take a bath together, its goes on for a couple hours or more. We catch up on what we'veboth done the previous week, we explore our relationship and more.

Our baths bring us closer to each other, where we explore our bodies and minds. They serve as a chance for some foreplay, though we kiss all the time in other places, too. In a bath we can perform personal hygiene for each other, as well as maintain our close contact, sense of touch and smell. A bath serves to reinforce our relationship, with bonding. We also included her little daughter as well, before. (Now that she's approaching puberty, she doesn't 'fit in' as well. She's more grown up and aware of her body, which we both think is swell.)

When we go on vacations together, we do the same things at hot springs and spas. We aren't ashamed of our sexuality, although as two women, we sometimes turn heads in public showing our affection -- like holding hands, or kissing, or even looking 'that way' into each other's eyes while we walk. But when we're together in the hot sub, jacuzzi or sauna, we just can't help what we do. We can't control our displays of love.

I feel like the Lord blessed us, to be whoever we are. When I'm with my lover emotionally, I feel I have to show it in every regard. I can't hold back because someone might see it. To me that would be terribly wrong to do. Sometimes our neighbors say things like, 'we understand you two want to be together, but can't you keep it to yourselves?' Why do you have to show it so much?

To me it would just be wrong not to share our love, regardless of the place, or who sees it, or what they think or anything else. We are just so much in love......

(oh, I forgot to tell you, we're bi)
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thats beautiful! I love bathing with lovers also!

Nice story. Taking your time with the relationship is golden. Too often we are all tied up with all the bothers and distractions of life and forget the pleasure of simlpy taking time to enjoy the people we love.

Of course, time is the most precious thing you have.....

It is also a blessing to be very clean.

I am thrilled that you realize time is the Gift that everyone appreciates more than anything. It was just dumb luck that I gave everyone I love lots of my time because it was later in life before I discovered it was the one gift they would remember and cherish.

Time = one of the few things that a rich man can't buy more of

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My worst pains are without a doubt my numerous kidney stones I have had over the last 15 years (15 or so, it runs in our family)). Luckily my nephrologist has me on meds to prevent them. I have only had 1 in the last 5 years and currently have 2 small ones just laying dormant in my kidneys.. Imagine having a small sweetgum tree sticker ball scraping down your ureter into your bladder then out thru your irritated penile urethra and sore penis pee hole. The calcium calculi stones have sharp pointed edges and have torn and ripped my penis pee tube and ureter on occasion. I will bleed from my tool for a day or so after peeing out the stone. Sometimes they are so small they come right out with no pain or discomfort. I hope no more for a long time. I can write additional comments on this later along with the treatments I have had to "blast" some of the larger stone.

Oh, I feel sorry for you. I was in the hospital for surgery and had a catheter for about a week. All I can say is it was a relief to get it our, it just hurt so bad...

See my"Shower fun and pain" story

My wife got a little rough in the shower one time and got soap under my foreskin and deep into my pee hole. I hurt so bad especially when I peed the first 3 or 4 times afterwards. She felt really bad. She has always been careful after that. If she soaps me up ,it is with conditioner and not body soap.

The worst experience I've had like that came from getting catheterized for an operation in the hospital. I swear it hurt so bad after I woke up, I thought my bladder was gonna explode. Fortunately one of the nurses knew how to fix it.I think the catheter was mispositioned, pressing up to the side of my bladder.

It was sort of strange because the nurse who finally got it fixed was a guy, and we wound up dating a bit. I guess spending an hour having people work on your peehole provides an introduction. LOL

Sex is a natural response between two people who love each other. As long as its natural, i don't care

Having a clean body makes sex so much more pleasurable, especially if there's a lot of licking involved. Having dirty sweaty sex can be fun too.<br />
<br />
Do you have luxurious baths with your male partners?

If I can get them to enjoy life and slow down a bit... A man you can get to 'bathe' with you is a little different.... more sensual, independent of the stereotypical male image.

Sounds like you guys are really in love - nice

I think true love is like a sacrament, it's sacred. If your lucky you find it in life.

Great story...both heart warming and sexy at the same time!!!! Thanks for sharing