Shower Fun And Pain

My wife got a little rough in the shower one time and got soap under my foreskin and deep into my pee hole. I hurt so bad especially when I peed the first 3 or 4 times afterwards. She felt really bad. She has always been careful after that. If she soaps me up ,it is with conditioner and not body soap. My friend had a similar story except it was not soap that got into his pee hole, it was spermacide. His wife had used this spermacide gel in her vagina as contraception. I don't know and my friend didn't know either if you should wear a condom with that poison. Anyway he didn't and with all his penetrating and thrusting in and out of his wife he got a good load of that stuff in his tool even after he **********. He said he had never been in so much pain. He swore someone had stuck a hot poker deep into his penis. He fell off the bed and his wife thought she had killed him. His penis wasn't right for 2 days, good thing it was the weekend. Every time he peed he said his **** mouth and pee tube burned like fire.. His pee tube finally healed healed enough where he didn't spasm when urinating. I don't know if they even make that type of contraception anymore.
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The world health organization (WHO) has declared Noxinol-9 to be illegal in conctraceptive due to extreme irritation in women. Some men have a reaction to it as well. I never did. But my wife did, so we don't use it, and you can't find it anymore.
What you're describing is a basic irritation of the lining of the ureathra...and can be treated with simple white petroleum jelly or Vasolene jelly. It southes any irritation and removes the air from the exposed tissues. Just be sure NOT to apply the petroleum jelly to anything laytex or condoms, cervical caps, diaphrams, rubber gloves, dental dams, etc. because it will weaken and rot them within seconds so that they will age and fail immediately.

I was afraid to pee but knew I had to. I slowly released my urine and never realized how much pain my tool could cause me except when I had 1 of my 15 to 20 kidney stones My **** mouth was red as a beet and inflamed for a good day or so.