Love Wife Wearing Thong

My wife wears a very sexy thong almost every day, she really likes the feel and the way her *** looks (which is fantastic). Guys are always following her around when she is shopping and I don't blame them, her *** is very hot for her age. I like when she wears a skirt and thong because she likes me to pull her skirt up, pull her thong to the side and **** her standing time we were heading back to our hotel room and she was unlocking the door and I couldn't resisit her sexy *** covered only by a thin skirt, her thong slightly visible, but clearly outlined around her ***, I pulled her skirt up pusshing her against the door, she opened her legs slightly while turning her head to kiss me. Her *** now fully exposed, she reached behind to help undo my pants and pulled my **** out. I was already very hard from watching her tease all day. I pulled her panties to the side and pushed my **** in her already wet **** and went all the way in. She put her hands over her head and against the door as I pounded into her ***** while she begged me to *** inside her. The entire episode only took about 5 minutes and I shot a nice load inside her, we entered the room where we went straight to the bed and removed our clothes, but she left her thong on. She pushed my head down between her legs and demended that I clean up the mess I had just made. When I was finished she had had several ******* and she told me she imagining that it was another guy that ****** her outside our room and she entered to find me waiting for her and I was eating the *** from another guy...I was imagining the same thing.
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Leaving the thong on is alwaayyysss hot. --DW

Very nice story, very hot wife!

I dig it

nice please add me