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Exposed Panties

I love watching women's cleavage and panties when they do no realize it. It is so erotic and especially if they are wearing see threw panties. I was sitting across from a woman who was wearing a short skirt and had her legs spread a bit. I looked by accident at her and noticed her fine legs and panties. Her ***** looked like a small hill with a crack in between. it was so erotic and made me hard but I had to look away, she didn't know what she did and I didn't want her to know.
loneone6969 loneone6969 41-45 4 Responses Nov 26, 2011

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our two schools were muc h closer , in spirit as well as distance , the Girls being run entirely by a religous Order of nuns , whilst our boys formal Sister college was operated by the Jesuits. We played inter school field hockey , the boys Rugby football . it always seemed to me that Rugby was the number One religion there , taken very seriously , indeed . Both Schools authorities required that each school provided an audience , a cheer -squad , to encourage the pla<x>yers to beat the opposition . . It must not have occured to either school authority what could happen when the raging hormones of young adults were thrown together . and a lot of clandestine liasons became a reality . . I recall assisting a pla<x>yer who had to leave the field with a minor injury and I had him smiling again when he rejoined his team on the field . ... When the boys were cheering us on at the hockey match , the girls wearing rather skimpy skirts over regulation black knickers and thick brown tights , boobs bouncing under the School sweater [ the boob - tube was not available at that time ] , we all found that bending down low near the edge of the pitch , to execute a free shot , caused loud cheering from the audience , and I am sure that as you so delicatly express it , everyone there stood to attention , and obviously so .. I am sure that I was not the only girl who indulged in a little flashing ever since then . Damn it . ! . there is something very exciting to see men obviously standing to attention , fascinated by ones wardrope . no wonder Victorias Secret has so many customers .

Thank you for your reply. We seem alike in our upbringing,, thinking and liking, don't think so? Your message/reply is so well written and tells the reality of the matter of the segregated religious high schools when the kids get together in the same area and the raging hormones get together.

there may have been method in their madness, nuns and priests . because a surprising number of gals and guys ended up marrying within the groups [ including me , for a short time but that is another story ] . to this day , 15 or so years later , an idea of a fun day is to gather together in front of a giant TV screen at the club , and cheer and carry on at a good rugby match . All good clean fun , some of whom are Moms and Dads . .

If I may , a personal question ? I have been curious about this for years . when you , the man , get excited , do you attempt to to conceal things ? . after my listening to the sort of competitions that men appear to indulge in , in the common shower rooms after footie , or track and field , my guess is that men take great satisfaction in their prowess . a sort of badge of honor . and , nothing better than the unfortunate [ ? ] lady is fully aware of it . . .To be perfectly honest , we may look confused , hastily adjust errant clothing,look away but , inside there is a feeling of satisfaction . I am Wanted .! ! what more could a girl ask for . ? I see that you . are very much a boob man .. my shoe man is also a boob man , he tells me , but that does not stop him trying to look up my skirt as he is fitting the new shoe on me .....when I bend down to check the fitting ,the front of my blouse falls away slightly , and I can see it myself , boobs resting in place , nips held by a half-cup bra . .Men are awful , but we love em .

I just noticed your reply, which you sent a long time ago. I'm sorry I didn't reply, it look like I didn't see it. As far as you question, "when you , the man , get excited , do you attempt to to conceal things?" Yes I do, I am shy around people I don't know and I would feel too embarrassed if they know or notice my excitement, yet would love the woman to know it and notice the bulge in my pants, I feel it's a sign for her to know she's wanted, she's erotic, a turn on. And yes I'm a boobs man, I love the cleavage, when both boobs are stuck together the line between both is just great, especially big boobs. I wish I were your shoe man to enjoy looking at your cleavage, your boobs that would be yummy to caress, lick and suck I imagine, you might think or say as you did I'm awful, but I can't hide my desires, my craving to enjoy the best thing God created for us to enjoy. But not only a boobs man, I love curvy woman with pretty *** and love shaved bold *****, I crave for one to lick and suck.

I have been troubled since reading your critizism , and realised that I was annoyed at the plumbers taking advantage of my discomfort , and obviously enjoying every moment , and I took it out on you . Had I engineered it , , that would have been fine , and I would have simpered , feigning deep embarrassment , but , loving it . . <br />
. .... I went to an all girls school , which happened to be sister college to a boys school , a very famous training ground for Rugby pla<x>yers. To this day , I retained my liking of Rugby , along with school mates , girls and boys , now all adults . . Why am I telling you this ? . ...Well , I take delicious enjoyment seeing 14 athletic , muscular men , bending down to scrummage against other , their very attractive butts up in the air , straining against tightly stretched footie shorts . . I am no longer sure if it is the football action , or male butts which causes me to attend matches during the season . Since I am in confessional mode , my dearest wish is to accompany the Lady sports reporter , into the team shower -rooms , after a match . . the pla<x>yers are aware of the imminent arrival of the reporter [ and her hopeful assistant ] , , so large towels are used by one and all , but , seeing large , tall , muscular men , abs rippling , bulges obvious behind the towel , would make me go weak at the knees . . ..<br />
<br />
.You have my face red now with embarrassment , but , you were correct . What is good for the goose , is good for the gander . I do enjoy flashing in public , and appreciating the interest shown . And , yes , I have been on the beach . every year , the mens briefs seem to use less material . There has to be a limit . OMG . <br />
<br />
P.S . I played ladies field hockey , both in school, and afterwards . the men seemed appreciative of the short skirts displaying black knickers throughout the match .. there , I feel much better now .

Thank you for clearing this. Well I went to an all boys high school too and across was an only girls high school, during break we would stand by the fence and wave to the girls. We also loved it when we had a track and field day and the girls came to our school. I loved watching them running with their boobs jumping up and down, I couldn't help it but that made me get hard. So we are alike and there is no conflict here. It is so much turn on seeing a cleavage, weather on the street or the beach, which is my favorite as well up skirt. I get hard instantly.

you men are just awful ! . sexism remains alive and well ! I have yet to meet any woman who takes any satisfaction seeing a man in his underpants , or whatever they call them . I happened to have two plumbers in my kitchen I had summoned to fix a leak under the basin andI was clearing out the lower shelf of the larger stainless steel cooking utensils to allow them access to the pipes . I had some difficulty with a particularily large pot , and without thinking , my legs shifted to give myself more leverage. I got to my feet with to pot in hand , to find both men behind me grinning , and I realised that they had a perfect view up my skirt at stockings , garters , white panties , thankfully with a gusset .The stainless steel pot had provided a perfect mirror . . I ignored the incident , as to their credit , did both men .

I don't know what's up with you girl. Why do you see it a problem looking at something beautiful, something I find erotic. The female's body is most beautiful, has many areas to look at, to explore, to appreciate not only erotic but also beauty, like landscape if it's shot in B&amp;W. I know women look at men's bodies and check them out, have you been at the beach? and if yes, I wonder if you kept your gaze down from men with bikini bathing suite! Also do you remember your confessions and stories about stockings and undies on how you admit your friends show off their undies intentionally and you also seemed you like that when you are standing on a traffic light with your undies showing! and the list well goes on, I enjoy pretty things in life and women's bodies are one of those things I find irresistible and admire.