Friends Fiancee

When we were in college our friends parents were out of town so we had a party at their house. Around 3AM we decided to call it a night and my fiancee and I headed to one bedroom and they went to theirs. I decided I wanted a drink before bed so I headed to the kitchen in my boxers. I guess his financee had the same idea. As I rounded the corner she came out of their room wearing nothing but a tshirt and black see through panties. I couldnt help but get an erection seeing her shaved ***** through her underwear. Neither of us said anything, we got our drink and headed out separate ways. When I got back to our room I gave my fiancee a long hard ****. I'm sure they knew since our room was right above them in the loft.

Ah, those were the days.
PaHusband PaHusband
26-30, M
Sep 16, 2012