I Would....

I would love to let my new friend wear my swimsuit! He would look so hot in it and the next time I wore it it'd be such a turn on!
curiousgeekyme curiousgeekyme
18-21, F
7 Responses Jan 22, 2013

That is so great you want to have a guy wear your swimsuit. An ex gf got me started wearing bikini bottoms several years ago. I havent worn anything else since. They are so much more comfortable than any other style. I enjoy all the smiles and nice comments I get from other girls. They look exactly like a speedo and no one knows its a bikini bottom. I wish there were more girls out there like you that would share your bikini bottoms with their guy friends so they can feel what they are missing..

I'd do that for a guy too, but unforutnately they've never asked me ;)

Im going to the lake in 1.5 weeks. May I borrow some of your bikini bottoms? What colors and styles do you have?

I would love to wear yours and have you wear my one piece swimsuit.

I'd love to wear yours, what size do you wear?

I wish I were your friend so that I could wear your swimsuit. Maybe we should have matching suits?

You should definitely have him wear it then.

i cannot see any reason why he shouldn't do that ;)