Fckn Tell Me That This P***y Is Urs.

Well lets start of by saying, that i was very reserved. I did nothing when i first started having sex, doh i was a VIRGIN! (like hello).. But as soon as i kept gettin that good D**k i been a Freak ever since, plus im a Scorpio! *wink*. Hell yea. Any who it was my ex/bf who got me like this, he being older than i was n Dominican. If u know anything about Dominican n Jamaican men they like to b in control.Well all men. At first, i thought it was typical to have sex in the house on a bed etc(remember i was a virgin). BUUTT NO!! He took me by surprise n had me pop that P****Y in his truck. I was like ok,what ever. I got on top etc, some men go crazy when u get on top. Can i tell u that hurt so fckn bad. But i did my thing u know..AND PAPI got excited, i was like wtf where did this come from. H e started saying all type of dirty **** to me like..'' F***ckn pop that p***y baby", Who's p***y is this, F*ckn tell me" u get the picture right? i got so turned on by the dirty talk n went into a trance i was not the virgin at the time i thought i was a **** star..I did some crazy sh*t i never thought i could do. Only because he was talkin dirty to me,that mixed with his accent n he sayin **** in spanish. drove me nuts. That was day one when he popped my cherry. A week after, when i saw him, i F***ed him, not the other way around. I went back to my trance and oh goodness. It was not a good night for him. He was like where is this coming from, he was shocked but he loved every moment of it. I talked dirty to him this time n this made him work like he was in the military..."I said F***ckn **** THIS P***Y, u piece of ****, arnt u man enough" N saying that to A Dominican man is like talkin about their mom, they get mad n make u regret saying it.Hell yea I regretted saying that tho because he killed my vagina-_- yuup killed it. But i was like idgaf, what u do just **** me. i was dying inside, but i didnt want to show weakness, im tellin u its the trance lol. If i was in my normal state,i would have ran so fast to my house not even the fastest man in the world couldn't catch me which is (USAIN BOLT). But after that, i gasped for air and then his body started to vibrate a lil. I know that he was about to C*m. H e came, n i looked at him n said like Can we go Again Baby. He looked at me n said "Baby ur a F***ckn Crazy Jamaican Mami" i was like oooookkkaaaayyy!!! we lasted a good couple hours but, u know time flies. I wanted more of that D**ck so to turn him on, i obviously went down on him, because im good at that too n i know how to turn him on. He laughed and shaked his head saying" AYYE MAMI WHAT AM I GoNA DO WITH U" I SAID JUST SHUT THE **** up n **** me. And i got my wish of course im his princesa (princess) lol i wish..

But the moral of the story is to spice things up in every relationship try something new, talk about what each partner likes n what is it that yall wanna try.It helps alot, if it wasnt for him i would never b so open to talkin dirty etc. Also do ur research,keep ur man at home and away from the ***** clubs learn their techniques. Im tellin u, it works. I tested it on all my ex's n when we were together they didnt go to any ***** clubs because who go n spend money when im doing it 4 free n to keep my man
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life lesson

Add me please.

That was a great story, thanks for sharing :)

thank u 4 reading it :)

Ahhhh, a woman keeping her man interested by indulging him with dirty talk! I love it!

yea i think it keeps the flavor and spice in a relationship. I love doing it..:)