Saint Lawrence River

I love where I  come from. It is the most beautiful area in the world. I know I sound prejudiced, but is the truth.

I went to school abroad and and have seen some beautiful sites, but none to compare as to the Mighty St Lawrence River. It's located north of Syracuse, NY and also borders Canada. I have been a "River Rat" since the age of 6. Once it gets into your soul, it is very hard to leave. It is very calming, and is a teaching spirit.

If any one wants to know more about my mighty river, just let me know.

Bartoli Bartoli
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

would you happen to know the lyrics to the old song ... I only remember some lyrics, not sure of hte words:<br />
roll on rolly river...<br />
the sun is my father, the moon is my mother, the --is my sister, -- is my brother...<br />
<br />
the st. lawrence river's my home