I Love Belgium!

I grew up in the Belgian Ardennes. It's very rural, with lots of forests where I love going for walks. When I was a child we would go on forest walks with school and learn about trees, animals, and mushrooms - which ones you could eat, which one were poisonous and so on.

I lived in Brussels, the capital city, for a few years, and loved it there. It has the history and culture of a capital city, but the friendly atmosphere of a small town. I loved the small cinemas playing obscure films, the friendly bars and restaurants, the "frit-kots" (chips van) selling delicious crispy chips, the parks, the tramways.

I love that in Belgium we have most of the Trappist breweries making lovely ales, and wonderful chocolate, delicious warm waffles and many other mouth-watering foods. I love that we don't take ourselves too seriously and have a knack for absurdity.

I love where I come from, even though I no longer live there!

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God bless you!