This story is not uncommon and not so diffrent from the ones you can tell me about your whippets but it is a recolection of what lives in the heart of one particular whippet namely my whippet Mike. I have had sighthounds since 1986 and got my first whippet in 1987. This recolection takes place much later as one of my whippets named Saphire was in her twilight years. She was twelve years at the time I got Mike my elderly whippet girl needed a companion and I thought a youngster would cheer her up a bit and give her something to live for. So I was trawling through the classifieds of a news paper and the very last ad read :" Blue and white whippet boy for sale" I rang the number of the owners and in less than five minutes the price was greatly reduced. I said I wanted him and a week later I saw my new whippet Mike for the very first time.I was invited in for a cup of coffee and Mike nestled on my lap right away. The owners said he was a bit aloof I diden´t see that: We came to an agreement and I was allowed to take Mike home with me. Joy all around they came later and inspected my home and saw my other whippet and they liked what they saw and I was very pleased as these people showed such a level of care for my little whippet. Mike and Saphire got on like a house on fire Mike was Saphires shadow and visa versa. One evening I was out walking both of them of leash when Saphire walked futher afield than I think she intended to do. At this point she was almost deaf and blind and she could not find her way back to me. So as a bit of a joke I said to Mike can you go an get Saphire and to my amazement he ran towards her at full tilt circled her and then slowed down and ever so careful we walked up to her and started nudeging her towards a small foot path where she would not stumbel in the long grasses and where she could be lead back to where I was waiting for them. He gently nudged and showed her the way back to me which showed me the depths of his kindhearted soul it also shows that our dogs in this case my whippet understood what I wanted without having any training at all. Just thought I would share this with all of you and let you know that a whippet is more in tune with us than we know.  
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October 18 of this year. I had to have Mike pts at the vets it sounds as bad as it feels. He had injured his shoulder the week before it diden´t seem all that bad but on Friday the day after he was hunched up in severe pain so I called the mobile vets who came and Mike was given a metacam injection that works both as an antiinflamitory as well as a painkiller he slept through the night the next day his pain had subsided and I kept him on restricted exercise and let him sleep comfortabilly whereever he wanted. This continued through the weekend until the following wedensday when there were no more metacam tablets. As he was no longer covered by the painkillers the pain returned in full force almost as bad as the day I had to call the vet. I gave Mike a glucosamin that works in much the same way as a metacam. I could see where this would lead to. Mike was more than ten years old and it would be a downward spiral from then on in. I could not let him suffer like that so I had to make the hardest decicion of all namely to have Mike pts.He loved to run and play as well as jump over things and onto things if he could no longer enjoy life as he used to do it would not be a good life for him to see him with his head and tail down not his happy self. Was heartbreaking beyond words. So I took Mike to the vet Thursday afternoon and he was gently and lovingly pts. My heart is broken but I take solice in knowing that I did the right thing by my lad whom I love with all of my heart and whom I am greatful to have known and loved. He was my soulmate and constant companion.The special bond we shared will be shared with yet another deserving greyhound who has never known love or what a real home is like. In that way Mikes legacy of love will continue and honour his memory live well at the Rainbow bridge my lad till we see you again and will be together again this time forever. Love you my wee lad youe mum and three greyhound brothers.

Mike sounds like a special boy

Awwwww!!! how awwwww -inspiring is this contribution of your's i was crying and smiling at the same time!! lol it tore at my heartstrings! They are so intelligent! clever dogs! they really are!!, i love them all!!! My cousin to! have fell in love with them, he has a "Whippet named "lucy" lol and a Greyhound named "Duchess" he to! say's they are the best dogs he has ever had! :-) They are so loving and friendly with children and older people, they are the "best" lol <br />
My friend! i really take my hat off and curtsie to you!! :-) <br />
Thank you so much for sharing! this!!! :-)

i have a rescue greyhound, i adopted him when he was 8 years old, hes now 12 , and the most wonderful of dogs , he found his forever home and iadore him , please those of you that are thinking of haveing a dog concidder a greyhound , there are so many abondoned after their raceing career<br />
or through injury, raceing should be stopped , one day iu hope it will but money talks unfortunatly for the dogs, they make wonderful gentle pets , love people and children , and do not need loads of exercise as people think , Please help one of the thousands in rescue centers around the country.