Prefer Bourbon and Rye, But Love Those From Across the Pond, Too!

let me start low:

i've had one scotch...a Bowmore (Islay) single malt...

as a mostly bourbon nut, i found it very intriguing and excellent! very different, but they are definitely cousins. very smokey and salty...sweetness came later as the bottle opened up.


i know a little more about the original uisce (ireland). Old Bushmills was my first...and to think, i thought 80 proof was something else! but it's not about burn, but about flavor. still love it but would love to try the more aged versions. picked up some Paddy on the way back from Eire back in 2003. very nice and basic. Jameson is simply excellent and smooth. Dying to try Redbreast...

but now to the indigenoUS whisk(e)y of america:

each year i spend more and more on bourbon (and now ryes)...i've had many, known and obscure (to some), but there's alot i've yet to try.

i was thrilled to find some dusty bottles (Weller Special Reserve, J.W. Dant) with the paper tax stamps still on them. still eyeing a Henry McKenna from probably the 1980s...

latest favorites? Stagg, Thomas Handy Sazerac, Wild Turkey Rye, Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 101 (not the current) 90 proof), Ezra Brooks Single Barrel, Old Grand Dad 114, Benchmark (yeah, good for 80 proof), Jack Daniels Single Barrel (not a should know that, but it's the best they have), Weller Antique, on it goes.

if you think Jack Daniels black label is tough stuff at 80 proof, then you are just mislead by cyborg marketing. real whisk(e)y drinkers don't find much to crow about concerning JD, Beam...even Maker's Mark, nice as it is, is a beginner's bourbon. 90 proof smoothness will help reel you in to the real deadly stuff.

you'll resurrect smiling.

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good choices...............