White Guys

I am very attracted to white guys! I am 16 &' i've never been attracted to a black guy. The white guys at my schools are either very immature or jerks. Or they're just racist :/. I think i'll just stay single until college, then maybe it will get better
MsLazyJA MsLazyJA
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Hey I'm a white guy what's up

Is there can to can on here, I got a thing for black chicks..

Hey you forgot about us! the yellows :(<br />
We always get ignored and left out....<br />
Im pretty damn fit train de kungfu, focus de chi and cook dem noodol<br />
jokes i just swim... alot

No matter what race they are hunny they are immature the same goes for most women......and staying single til then isn't such a bad idea but don't let a good opportunity pass you by either ;)

So very true but the white guys seem to have more respect for girls. Plus am noones "*****" lol. I definately won't it comes my way.

dont worry hunny i love my lean white guys too lol

They're the best :)

Agreed! lol

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