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Black Woman Loves Big White Dicks

I have to say that my one weakness is a White Man with a really thick and long penis.  It just makes me come (or ***) unglued.

I have always been into white men.  (Yes, I've experienced black men before and black men with big dicks).  But, I do believe that for some reason society believes that black men are the only race that is really well-endowed.  It might be true that there are many black men who are but there are also many black men who are not.  This isn't a racial debate as to who has the biggest ****.

I started this group because I really like White Men who have Huge Dicks.  Long and skinny doesn't do it for me.  I want them to be long and thick AND circumcised too.

There are many websites out there that feature **** and when it comes to big dicks, most will point to a black man having sex with a black, white or Asian woman.  I'm looking to see White men with BIG WHITE DICKS having sex with Black Women.

So, if you have a big white **** or love men who have big white dicks, WELCOME!

ladygodiva110 ladygodiva110 41-45, F 26 Responses May 24, 2011

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White male 34 years old here from eugene,oregon. Very good looking, clean cut, well endowed 9" hung. Very into black women. Hit me up if your in eugene or travel to or close enough to eugene. Go get coffee and a perhaps....... ?

Go check out my photos

It is so refreshing to find a beautiful black woman that enjoys what a white man has to offer. Some of my favourite **** is a white man deep thrusting a sexy black woman

Girl, you spoke nothing but the truth.

i thought i was the only one who was never in luck of finding **** with black women and white men with large ****s. dont get me wrong all the white men ive been with have been large but its so annoying when i cant find decent **** to look about in the mean time

You list four things that interest you. Unfortunately, I am only three on your list. While I am white, I am not merely long and thick, but very, Very, VERY extremely long and very, Very, VERY extremely thick, and sadly, I am uncircumcised. However, many women have expressed surprised that when I am fully erect and hard like a rock, that my foreskin is so tight against my shaft that it appears my erection is circumcised.

You sound delicious.

Totally in agreement!!!!! Big white ****.... What could be better???

im a white man In Huntington,wv with a big huge thick ****

That's nice.

Why does it seem that people that date/marry outside their race have to explain why they're attracted to the opposite race?? We shouldn't have to,should we??...

It isn't outside their race. Unless they are a human marrying a non-human. I am a member of the human race and so is anyone that I choose to date.

well said.



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when you love someone such person must love you back in return....

Very true.

You know you deserve to be rated up; someone had to tell the truth. I get so TIRED of white women and some people in the Black community especially, telling me what I OUGHT to like. I don't want a Black man of ANY size- I PREFER WHITE MEN. Thanks for the great public service announcement!

You are welcome. I believe women should be able to partake of whatever experiences they desire. People need to get over the race issue and just enjoy life.


Hi I like your response

Excellent and well thought out postulation, Lady Godiva. As a white male with an above average endowment, I have had the pleasure of dating women of most all races, and while there may be some hype or myth about one race or another's males...I find that women respond first to respect, personality and genuine kindness mixed with masculinity. I also find that the larger size is generally more appreciated than the color of the skin that surrounds it. Seriously...perhaps it is just me, but I've never heard a woman say "omg, it's so white". Glad and good on you, Lady Godiva, for pointing out that size does not necessarily equate to race - or to preference, good or ill - and that simply put, one likes what one likes. Peace on you and all here. S

I think I love you:)

I agree. Its always a black guy with a big **** doing a white chick

I enjoyed reading this ladygodiva110!! :)

Thank you Pinky.

Wow! Just wow, interesting story. My penis is fine, but I'm not braging or exagerating. It gets women off, and me too. I enjoyed reading this.

Whatever you think works for you.

Gemini, but soooo close to Taurus. A belated happy birthday.

Thank you Garcia.

Hi there ladygodiva110, I joined EP because of my other half's constant online antics. This story made me LOL and I reall have to thank you for that ( been awhile). The reason is, one one of my hubbies accounts his desc<x>ription was 7inches long and 3 inches thick, now I wonder where he's been hiding that bad boy for the last 17 years, because the only one I ever saw was 4 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. Again Thank You for the laugh xx

You're welcome. He must be that size in his dreams. LOL.

mine too :)

You're right there aren't enough site featuring Black women who get off on big white ****. I'm to the point that I tired, or almost so, of seeing it the other way around.

I'm tired of seeing blue faced avatars.

I know there are black men who are into white women. I do not recall encountering before a black woman into white men.<br />
<br />
**** featuring a black dude and a white woman is a dime a dozen. But I have never seen **** starring a black woman and a white male.<br />
<br />
A fair number of white men are foreign born and hence uncut.

In reference to your 1st, 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. Unfortunate. You should get out more.

I am a white man with a big **** and I love black women.

That's nice.

I agree, very well written too. I have had black & white boy friends, various sized *****, but the biggest I ever had was a nice pink/white one with a foreskin, when nice and stiff and hard the foreskin goes back anyhow & it is nice to play with :). I too have seen the web sites and ****** showing BBC s but I don't go with the hype either, nor the humiliation angle.

Thank you for the compliment regarding my writing style.

I adore a woman who knows what she wants. It is so rare, but somehow comforting, even if it's not me se wants.... :)

Well it is good to hear someone say that :-) I meet all your qualifications but I'm not advertising, just complementing you for having the guts to say it :-) BTW, I have been with a couple of black women who were lovely and actually would have no qualms about marrying a black woman who loved me for who I was, not what color I was.

Thank you for the compliment.

Amen,I am with you on white men with big thick, *****, men has use women for years just for sex. It is women time to do the calling and setting up sex time.

I love your attitude...

Amen. I do too.

Yep, agree with everything you said!! I've always dated white guys and have to tell my girlfriends constantly that not all white guys have small dicks and not all black guys have huge ones!! <br />
<br />
I've been pretty lucky in that the white guys I've been with have always been above average! Yesssssss!! Lol

Adult men still do get circumcised. I like thick, big, white *****. If you have to ask about size then, well. . . perhaps you should consider an extender/enhancer. They are sold at extreme restraints website. XL black mambo is nice.