So I Wanted To Tell My Story If My First Experience With A White Guy.

First I have to say that I always had an attraction to white men. Call it the "forbidden fruit" syndrome or what ever. But growing up in a very rural, very small town in Louisiana races were clearly separated and did not mixed. So growing up and going through school I had to admire from afar and in my head. Though I was an athlete and a very good student it was never, EVER going to happen. The white guys I went to school were all nice to me and even flirted just a little. But anything beyond that would have definitely caused a ruckus! So I had a couple of boyfriends in high school, both of whom were black. Both treated me badly and cheated and in no way did that have an effect on what would later become my preference towards white men. But I had ambitions to go into the military after graduation and get out and see the world. So it's time to ship out and shove off. And the fall of 1993 I was going through MEPS. We were given a hotel room with a same sex room mate and there were tons of other people there with me who had said goodbye to family and friends. So during that day you kinda knew who was there and for what reason. We all got together for our meals throughout the day and met up at the pool. And there he was, the most attractive man I'd seen ever! His name was Tommy and he was joining the Marines. At least 6ft dark hair and green eyes. I think this was my boldest now or never moment. His room mate was busy putting the moves on my room mate so we were left to ourselves from time to time. But we talked and chatted each other up and come to find out he'd gone to my school for only about a year, moved away and came back for another year. And when we started talking about who knew who, he was shocked when he knew who I was. Though he didn't recognize me (thank you growth spurt and puberty) he was surprised. But that night we were joined at the hip. We laughed and talked all day. And when that man moved in for a kiss I didn't run away. Granted I wasn't a woman of the world yet, but sparks flew LOL. He told me how beautiful I was and couldn't stop touching me. He said he liked the feel of my skin and how pretty it was. Now all the while I had every hope of having sex with him and the more that it played out in my mind the more I flirted with him. And as day moved to night the four of us hung out all night. And when it was time to call it a night we didn't. My room mate went to his room mates room and Tommy came to mine. And there I was a bundle of nerves but I was so ready. And I won't go into details but Tommy was raving all night! He was gentle and definitely more experienced than I but I think I kept up pretty well. It was an amazing night and we were together through the morning. And then it was time to say goodbye. My room mate and I were there for the first part of enlistment but Tommy was shipping out that morning. He asked for my number and address so he could write and call. I took him for his word but we said our goodbyes and made promises to keep in touch. I headed back home and mama was waiting for me. She was grinnin like noobodys business and said a young man named Tommy keeps calling for you. I couldn't believe that he called. And I was sitting by the phone waiting and he called back. We talked for as long as he was allowed to. Not knowing it then like I know now, but when you get to basic training there's not time for calls often. So he probably lost it or found himself a new girl. But my goodness I will never forget him. And he was my first and I don't regret it at all.
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Nice story.

Nice. Very romantic. As a man, I can't help but think of the heaven he found himself in with you. Sigh.

I liked reading about your experience because I am a pale skinned white man very much attracted to darker skinned black and Hispanic women. I hope we can communicate in the future. I can send you a better picture of me via private email if you want. Would you like to see what I look like with those sunglasses off?

Ccool. I've added you

The last few months I've been lucky and found my white knight. Passionate and doting on me. A little younger, ok a lot younger so for a man like him...I'll take the cougar jokes all day long! *cheers*

Great story! Thanks for sharing. Tommy was completely right, you are beautiful!

Amazing! I have never "been" with a white man yet but I am sure sparks will fly..x

nice story! love it..

The best of luck in your search for your White Prince Charming. There are good men from all races. May you find yourself a good white man.

Great story...Like you had I have always had an opposite race fantasy. I'm not sure why but black women look more attractive then white women to me. I grew up in the Northeast with hardly any contact with black women until I joined the military. My fantasy unfortunately never came true mostly due to the fact I moved from one relationship to the next with other women. Now that I'm single...yet again, I will definitely keep my eye out for an ebon beauty.

The very, very best to you on your search!


What a sweet story... it came from the heart... its nice to know that people can get beond skin color !! I hope you find someone like him..or him again..good luck !

I should be so lucky to find him again. But life, especially military life takes us in all different directions. Finding someone special will take some time. But I can be a lady in waiting :). Thank you for the kind words

What a beautiful story of youth and exploration. It is so good when the individuals are more important than the color of their skin or how much money they have or any of the other bs that our society sells. A person is what is in their mind, heart and soul. You are a beautiful woman and I would give a lot to be named Tommy. Oh, yea I'm white or at least part and Indian and probably other things too.. But most of all I hope and work at being a good person. Thanks for sharing.

Aw, thank you. Not too young tho, I'll be 36 this summer. And I hope to find a guy or him find me.

Beautiful story of love at first sight, infattuation and horny people into one another ! I dont think lust or love can see color . the heart and libido have a different set of standards ! great for you ! ur a sweet hot sexy lady ! your "tommy " or somebody similar will find you ! ur so young babe. relax sweet and sexy . xo peter