White Big Hung Male


I am a black bbw with large bumpers. For to make a long story short: I have been taken by the 007collector. And wow.. let me put it this way; endurance 10/10. technic 10/1o
size... 12/10

my good you are awesome! I hate you, i will neva cud be satisfied by another man agan! :)

Stellaisbig Stellaisbig
41-45, F
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hi, im a white male who loves black women, if any of you have skype add me vanillaslice94

I'm a native so cali girl born and raised. I guess for me I was never told at home I had to date only black guys. I could bring home anyone I wanted. It was all about quality, if he came from a good family, was a gentleman...Well, when you start off on the swim team, surfing, and playin beach volleyball...along with being tall gangly the white boys will notice you. The black boys at church always laughed at me for not bein in fashion, my hair was never pressed because I swam everyday and I was flat as a board. I lost my virginity to a white guy, in college my man was the 6'4 blond nordic capt of the water polo team and I married a wht boy surfer (also a surgeon) that looked like Tarzan... Now that I'm in my 40's single again, I've dated 2 black men...that was actually weird for me and my family thought I was havin a mid life crisis LOL... I loved being with them, but felt outta place. Now I'm back to my white boys... I like my ocean lovin Tarzen men... so I'm back to my white boys...