While Black Men Love Me I Actually Want To Be With A White Man...i Can't Shake It

It was the devil if you looked at a white men. Like a free felony if you were seen with one. A man will be a man regardless of skin color. But, I must add that I got along better with a white man. They actually take you out on dates. BUY YOU ROSES, sorry black men suck in the Romance department! And the myth about small penises? Lies right ladies? The sex was even better. I  LOVE WHITE  MEN!...
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10 Responses May 22, 2012

Huh, this is a nice change, it's always usually "I love black men, blah blah blah, but good for you, you'll for sure find a good white bloke, good luck :)

All for me some white men!

i love white men, especially those with blue and horny colour eyes, their hair which is quite different we the blacks, when they take their baths their hair just changes as though they cut them, i am slim and over here black men love chubby girls and call me bones.. I catch myself looking at white guys wherever i met them

You're awesome .I find myself in love with black women and have been for long time;). Hugs and kisses all over!

I've read that many black women refuse to date white men, believing that they're interested only in seeing what a black woman looks like naked. Nice to know all black women don't feel that way.

we white men actually now how to show our appreciation for the beauty of a woman's body when we have intercourse, be it when making love, having a good ol' fashion fun ****, or breeding. i'm dont mean to sound like a damn racist, but several latina and asiatic women have told me that this is a main difference between white males and black males when having intercourse. but, then again, every single person is different...

You are young, therefore you definitely have plenty of time to find yourself a man whom you are attracted to, treats you right, and someone who you would like to develop a relationship with. Make your wish your reality.<br />
<br />
Best of luck.

Yes, I concur! I always, ALWAYS, get hit on by black men. I prefer white men, though. Don't get me wrong, I like all races of men, but man.. for me, blond men with light colored eyes are my favorite. :-)

That describes me....about 40 years ago. Sorry I missed you. :)

Haha! I'm pretty sure you're probably still handsome. :)

Oh, that's what they tell me, but women are just such sweeties, always flattering our fragile egos. I am a natural blond with green eyes. Nowadays, of course, the blond has darkened and some of it is grey, and the green eyes are no longer 20/20, and the bodybuilder's rippled body is but a pleasant memory.

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