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Attraction <3

I find myself soo turn on and
attrected to white man <3

i have interracial date before and i think i will again
its denfinty a attraction
young87 young87 22-25, F 12 Responses Jul 23, 2012

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I certainly would enjoy dating you.

Love black women here :)

love help make bi racial baby or two with you:) im me

We like u too. Mixed here though

I'm sure every white guy would want a chance to date u babe

i love dating black is a turn on to me

There are many good white fellas out there that are also attracted to you, young lady. Seek and you shall find.

All the best to you!

i have before and love it

I would have loved to be able to take you on a date and spoil you rotten!

i am attracted aa women i have dated several and love it! you ladies rock

would you like to have a white man's baby? add me and send me a message and we'll get everything set up. if not, then i wouldn't mind having you as a friend on here.

you do? want to be my friend?