White Men

White guyss are such a turn on for me dont get me wrong I love every type but its just white guys that idk allways make my vigina act up idk if its there looks there way idk its just ohhhhhhh
marydacruz marydacruz
26-30, F
6 Responses Jun 18, 2013

I lost my virginity to a black girl when I was 17, I am 25 now and have been with 5 black girls as well as white and mexican girl. There is just something special when I am with beautiful black female I get hard just thinking about it lol its true what they say once you got black you never go back its nothing personal to other girls but the sex i have had with these black girls was out of this world, they no how to ride a ......... lol

You really could have been talking about my feelings for black women!! So sexy it's untrue!!!! Drives me crazy in the best way possible!!

I get starry eyes when I see a nice looking white guy.

I feel the same way girl

You have the same effect on this white guy. Wow you are sexy!


I feel the same way about latina woman and Im a white guy. Just so sexy to me! ;). Wish more of them lived in my area.