I never had a boyfriend but I have always admired white men and been attracted to them. I would at least try to attempt a relationship with one. But I am too different from society.
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17 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I'm impressed you never had a boyfriend. When you feel the time is right, nothing wrong with dating a white guy. I think the lucky guy would be honored to date a beauty like you.

I think you should give it a go

Here I am darling ! Very nice profile pic btw.

mmmm here I am baby...signed sealed delivered I'm yours.

Hmm well I've seen many types of black women dating white men. Given the large population size of white men, you're bound to find a fit for your personality.

You can never be too different 😘😘

I think dark skinned women are unbearably sexxy... :-)

Hi there... :D

I am right here. Hope you add me.

There's nothing wrong with you, society standards are a illusion.

Sounds nice.

How are you different?

No doubt about that! Care to add me? PS - guys are different too. Especially me. So we've got that in common.

Never no until you try, I for one would ask you out.

Hi. Please chat with me. I'd at least like to be your friend. I dated an African American girl in high school. I planned on marrying her. Un fortunately her father wouldn't let her marry me because I was white.

I can relate a little. Black women can have sexy legs in pantyhose like a white woman or latina.

I dated a black girl for 5 years and now I am looking again. I love black women.

It really boils down to staying focused on how you feel, not how others feel.