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First Time In White Schoolgirls' Socks

When I was thirteen, one boy came to class. Wore shorts every day. When weather turned to coldier, all boys turned to long pants, but he continued to wear shorts. When classmaster told him to turn his shorts into longs, he did it, but continued to wear shorts at home and when we played our childhoods games outdoor. Once, I found him to clean the snow in shorts and said to him that I like to wear shorts too, but my mother doesn't want to let me. He replayed: "It's easy. Come to me in longs, and turn it to shorts. We will go out than and walking, for the first time".
I had to buy knee socks for the begining. When I had enough money, gone to sockshop. There was no knee socks for boys - only white schoolgirls'. I bought a pair. Shop assistant said: "It's a pair of girls' socks". I said: "I know".
I was so exited, didn't sleep that night. In the morning, a phone rang. My mother said: "It's snowy and cold outdoor. Dress warmly." Than my friend called. "Bought knee socks?" Yes... "Hurry up".
I found shorts and put him under longs. Was extremly nervous when I saw my leggs in a mirror. How to be seen in girls' socks?
However, it was great to get out in shorts and knee socks out on snow. Really awesome. Firstly, I was scared. Ten minutes later, I was in love with my legs and socks. Ten days later, I gone to the cinema in shorts and white girlie socks. We were the kids and were cute.
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I must admit that as I grew up, when at home I wore white pelerine socks almost all the time apart from muddy country walks and school. They were usually worn with neat flat Mary Jane sandals. It was considered that they were a perfect match for my shorts, shortalls and miniskirts. When we went shopping for them my mother would buy me a dozen pairs at a time. I used to find them far more comfortable than my boys socks and much smarter to. It was always important that the patterns were straight. My mother also thought that they showed off my bare thighs absolutely perfectly.<br />
<br />
When I was in my short kilts my white socks and Mary Jane sandals looked fantastic in my eyes.

Fabulous sweetie

When I grew up at home I suppose I wore shorts 50% of the time, the rest of the time I wore a mini kilt (skirt) with panties and white pelerine socks. I also wore them with Mary Jane sandals of various hues.

The two main garments I wore them with was either my wrap around kilts or little bib shortalls right through my teens. The common factor with these garments was long white pelerine socks and Mary Jane sandals.

I have to say that most of the time the attire was by choice.

I like white girlie socks, but I think I'm too old to wear them in public. Wear plain white socks only sometimes in snow or at Christmas days.

Awe. Who says you are too old? It's about how you feel wearing them, and I would love to see your bare knees above lacy white kneesocks. The older I get, the more true to myself I intend to be, and that is going to mean wearing a whole load more girlie things. I hope you'll wear some soon, and I'll split a multipack of socks with you if you like!

Oooh, I like to wear white lacies - sometimes I steal them from my wife and wear at home. It's sooo exitable and sexy. I never understood why it's necessary to make difference between "men's" and "women's" clothes. I always liked to have one girlish outfit with a short skirt, knee socks and maryjanes - maybe schoolgirls' uniform, maybe black mini - with lacy or pelerine knee socks (with little holes). I dreamed about mini skirt, lacy knee socks, maryjanes and little coat and hat for Christmas... But my wife doesn't let me wear it :(
But... Who knows? Ar October 15th I will start to wear black knee-lengh skirt with plain black or gray kneesocks for the first time. Than, she said to force me into red kneesocks with skirt... She waants me in reds, so I often wear girlie reds with shorts or bermuda shorts.I hope my skirt will be shorter in future and my socks will be girlier sometimes. I like idea about black socks with white skulls or stars too... Maybe I have lacy socks on my new profile pic?

Nearly 15th October, so I hope you have your outfit ready. Why is this date special? Black socks can look good with a skirt too, especially now it is a style popular with girls, and I like trying different styles. You will enjoy seeing how people react to your different socks and how girlie they are.

MY gf allow me and ask me for that ;)

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The first time in girls socks is very special, but even now I still delight in looking down at my smooth legs and seeing my white girlie socks.