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Barbie...white Trash Barbie...

I used to love to stuff her stretch pants with cotton, push it down with a pencil until she had thunder thighs, then rat her hair all up, put cowboy boots on her, a tight muscle shirt and a purse with fringe, and pretend she was going to her 20th High School reunion. Of course, Ken was HORRIFIED when she shambled across the room and said, (in her best East Texas accent) 'Hay straaangurrr! Lookin Guuud!" as she reaches out and swats his bum.

  Ken jumps back, begins to act offended that this frumpy, slag has just violated him when his face pales, and he begins to stutter out..."Bbb...Barbie???" he asks, incredulously...

You get the idea. Totally tawdry. That is why I also belong to the EP group, "I was a strange kid." LOL

Thanks Mattel, and Barbie, for hundreds of hours of good times during my childhood!

SeaAngel SeaAngel 46-50, F 5 Responses Nov 24, 2008

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I don't remember Cindy? Was she more recent?

I liked Cindy better....Barbie was just a Ho who stole Ken off Cindy's legs could rotate around....

I want to see Barbarella Barbie too!<br />
I have no Barbies anymore,but I do have her horses with the manes and tails that you can brush...

Sweet! Thanks for letting me know, I HAVE to see Barbarella!

OK, that's one of the more original things I've heard about re Barbie modification, LOL!! There for awhile I got into customizing dolls, such as repainting faces, rerooting hair where necessary, etc.. a friend of mine got me into it -- she collected Barbies, and would often buy up someone else's collection, in hopes of getting one of the old collectible ones -- and she'd give me a couple of the ones she couldn't use, either as collectible dolls or as pieces-parts to rebuild a collectible doll. If you do a Web search on Custom Barbies you'll be amazed at what some people have done with Barbies... everything from Mary Queen of Scots to Barbarella..!