White And Bright But Not Too Tight

I love wearing white briefs every day. I walk into a store and I find myself looking to see if there are any new white briefs available. Every so many years Hanes changes the waistband of their briefs. I want to be current. I even shop on line for new white briefs. I love to wear different brands and I only will wear white briefs. I love my briefs White. I love the white to be Bright,but I don't want my briefs to be Tight! Yes I love my white underwear!
MrWyteBriefs MrWyteBriefs
46-50, M
2 Responses May 7, 2012

I can fit into a 18-20 boys size briefs and have bought several CK 365 white briefs feel good i like narrow band .

body aware breif yumm they support my package it fills great yumm