A Clean Sign

When I began Medical School, all nurses, doctors, orderlies all wore white as a sign of sterility. Bandages and casts all hospital gowns gloves and shoes were all white, now you will find doctors wearing Air Jordans in ER. In the old days, once something was stained it was changed, now you see orderlies and many residents walking around with stained scrubs. YUCK! As time progressed, we have moved into a different color scrub for each hospital department. Sometimes, you may not even know you have been stained unless you wear white. More viruses are in hospitals and many hospitals now harvest germs that they can't remove or find. I wonder if all the carpeting and all the colors that people now wear have any bearing on that? White as a sign of sterility is gone. Underwear was white even to the point years ago underwear along with baby diapers were boiled in water before they were washed in hot soapy bleach water. Now people can't seen to keep white clean and white. Even people that sport a white T-shirt will not keep it fresh and white because people no longer know how to wash white clothing. If your underwear is still white, to me that is a good sign. If you wear white underwear it to me is a clean sign that you are comfortable with who you are and you take care of your personal hygiene. I didn't say that people who wear colors don't, but I can see for my self those who wear white underwear are clean. To me white underwear is A Clean Sign! I still wear white underwear along with white in the ER. I don't carry germs on my scrubs. Yes, I do love white underwear!
DrJayJack DrJayJack
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5 Responses May 11, 2012

All my whites are white and I make sure I peg them out so the neighbours can see, its a matter of pride.

I will wear no other color than white for underwear...and I wear mostly briefs (though I do have a fair number of boxer briefs)

The majority of my underwear is white, however I opt for boxers instead of briefs.

White is an important color after all!

Wow, I never realized that! I wish you were my Doctor!