Wife Caught Out In Panties

A few years ago, my wife Emma & I went to a very hot Greek island for two weeks of sun, sea & ouzo.

It was a very hot afternoon when we finally arrived after a 3 hour delay at the airport, and we just wanted to get to our room and freshen up, Emma's dress was sticking to her by the time we arrived at the hotel and she was desperate to take it off and have a shower. When we eventually checked in & got to our room, it was like a blast furnace, as the door to the balcony was closed and the sun was shining through it, once inside Emma did her usual routine of having a quick gander around & stripping off for a shower.

When we go away to somewhere hot overseas, Emma likes to sit round in the hotel room in her underwear after a shower, until it's time to get dressed to go out and today was no exception. As we had to get an early flight, we had been up for hours and so I took off my shirt and layed on the bed, waiting for Emma to finish her shower, she came out toweled herself down, slipped on her sexy baby blue laced back knickers & grey camisole out of her case and walked towards the door, complaining that it was too hot in here and that I was too lazy to even open it, with that she flung it open and walked straight out onto the balcony to check the view.Unfortunately, she hadn't noticed the young men sitting on the next balcony until it was too late! as within about 3 seconds of her standing out there I heard one of them say something like "hi sexy, you English" her head slowly turning to the left to face them said it all.

I had a little smile at her predicament, as I heard her engage in what must of been a very awkward first few words back, from where the bed was I could see only a three foot high rail separated the balconies, with vertical metal strips about 10cm apart for support, which offered no cover,  surprisingly rather then hurrying back inside, she confidently engaged in conversation telling the boys, that we had just arrived after a nightmare delay at the airport & a little about us, I saw her make a few subtle but futile attempts to pull the camisole over her knickers, as she was now facing them, but it was just too short! they kept her there talking & talking on purpose which was really quite amusing, she must of been out there at least 45 minutes nattering away until finally finishing  the conversation and was just coming back inside, when the other lads came in their room.

As she stepped inside, I could see her nipples peeping through the camisole and thought what a great view they must of had, but as she walked towards me, I could hear next door loudly summonsing her from over the balcony to come back and meet the other 2 lads, she told them to wait a second but they were really persistant and were getting louder & louder, she sighed and walked back out onto the balcony to meet the other two, she was greated by a semi wolf whistle and I think she blushed a bit, now as 4 lads were baying for her attention, it was even harder for her to leave and about another 30 minutes elapsed until she finally came inside, I knew that I could of rescued her at any time that day, but decided it was more fun to watch her a bit embarrassed in her knickers, well we were on holiday.

She didn`t seem fazed by any of it and we both had a little snooze until the evening, we saw the lads a little worse for wear a few hours later in the hotel bar, and one cheekily asked if Emma could sunbathe on the balcony all of the next day in just her knickers, she laughed it off and played along with him saying something like , "if you`re lucky I might do just that" but she was a bit more careful for the next couple of days afterwards, as whenever she went onto the balcony,  she always wore one of my t shirts which covered her up half of her thighs (although she did wear a lot of thin skimpy outfits throughout the holiday) the lads were in their early 20`s and as we had heard various girls voices come from their room from time to time, assumed that they had probably got lucky.

The boys were always really friendly if we ever bumped into them in the hotel (especially to Emma) and on their last evening a few days later, we went for a drink with them, as they had spotted us coming back to the hotel, they bought Emma a huge champagne cocktail from the hotel bar, Emma thanked them all profusely (as was quite tipsy) took a huge gulp and then excused herself to go to the ladies, I thanked them for her drink and asked one of them why they were so generous as the hotel bar was quite pricey, he replied " to be honest, we weren`t having much luck with the ladies and seeing your missus in her knickers really cheered everyone up, no offence mate" the other three lads laughed & backed up what he had said & agreed that she was "right fit" I took that as a compliment.

When she returned from the ladies, Emma tried to pull me up as the hotel disco was getting louder, well not really a disco more of a little floor space near the bar, I am a terrible dancer and was not drunk enough to strutt my stuff, so she asked if any of the lads would dance? they all looked at each other for a split second when Scott got up, she grabbed his hand and lead him to him to the floor, he was a great mover & Emma was a little flirty with her moves...they danced for a couple of records and came back red & sweaty, Emma downed her cocktail too quickly and had to belch, she felt a bit embarassed but they were in fits, they offered to take us clubbing, as they had just come back to the hotel to pack and go out again, I wanted to go back to the room, but said to Emma she could go if she wanted, knowing that she wouldn`t.

As we got up, they did too and all kissed her on the cheek good night and while I shook hands they took a few pics with her using their phones, they said that were leaving at 10 the next morning, so she wished them a safe journey home and said that it was nice to have met them, with that we took our leave.

The next morning we could hear them up and staggering around, Emma had another hangover so decided to get some fresh air, she slipped one of my shorter white t shirts over her blue, red & white striped panties, grabbed her dark sunglasses and went onto the balcony and stood staring out to sea letting the sun kiss her face, before laying back in one of the lounger chairs, which as we had never bothered position left her sitting facing the boys room, I came out there a few minutes later, to ask if she was ok, she asked me to get her some orange juice from the dining room downstairs, as she was too rough to go herself, when I returned "Ian" from next door was talking to her over the balcony, her legs were slightly parted and her knickers were on full view to him, as I handed her the juice she smiled and thanked me,I looked at him to make conversation, but he continued just staring at her panties, I could tell she felt too fragile to care, so I left them to it.

I felt hungry, so decided to go back to the dining room, to see if I could get something to bring back to our room, as the room service was pretty much non existent, when I returned with some yogurt, pastries & coffee, I could hear Emma talking to the boys, as I approached the balcony I could see that Emma was laying face down on the lounger in just her panties and was using my t shirt to rest her head on, the boys were dressed ready to go home, as it was coming up to 10, I felt really strange about the situation and hoped that they would be leaving soon, there was a knock on their door and the others came in with what sounded like their cases, they came straight to the balcony to greet Emma & then me, I could of sworn that one of them mutter "******* hell" when they first saw Emma, as I think a tiny amount of camel toe may of been visible?

They said their goodbyes and Emma turned her head to say cheerio but was careful not to flash her boobs, as soon as they left, Emma came inside as had started to feel a little hungry, she sat on the bed and slowly ate some yogurt in just her panties, I was hard as a rock at the thought of her being topless and later on, when she felt better, we found a secluded spot on the beach for her to ***** off her top, she wore the tiniest pair of red bikini bottoms ever and for the last few days of the holiday went topless every day on the beach & in the sea.

On the flight back, I asked her if she felt embarrassed when the boys saw her in her panties on the balcony, she shrugged her shoulders and said it was just one of those things, we are never likely to see them again so it was no biggie! She then asked me in all seriousness if I minded those lads saw her in her knickers, I told her that I had laughed when she initially got caught out, but felt a little strange about the 4 lads learing at her from their balcony, she explained that as Ian had gone quiet and she had her eyes closed, she assumed that he had gone so slipped the t shirt off and turned over, it was a few minutes later that the other guy came and spoke, that she realised they were there, so decided to wait until they actually left to move, I told her I was fine with it, but it was unfair of her to tease them like that and we laughed, to this day I have no idea if she knew they were watching & enjoyed it or just got caught out?  

Roll on summer !


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Very erotic. Seeing her in a panty is very sexy.


What a sexy story and a massive turn on, you are a lucky guy to have such a fun wife..

So she is lying on her back, pulls off your T-shirt and then rolls over to lie on her front, all while the guy next door is standing there... He must have enjoyed her showing hin her breasts. You need to post some photos of this woman.

sure loved the story

A little naughty is a good thing!