I Went Out With No Skirt On

I phoned my husband last week to meet me at his favorite restaurant.  I was in a weird mood and I know he likes it when people see my panties.  I put on his favorite ones and a pair of sheer black pantyhose.  I put on a top that went to my waist but no skirt or pants.  I only had my panties and pantyhose on.  I wore a shall that just covered my butt.  Off I went to meet him.  I arrived and noticed he was already there.  He was in a booth in the corner.  I walked over to him and opened my shall for him as I sat down to show him what I was wearing.  His jaw just dropped.  We hate our meal while he fidgeted.  After dinner he paid the bill.  I got up handed him my shall and walked out of the restaurant to my car.  Everyone just stared at me as I walked out.  I went to my car and started to drive away.  I text-ed my husband to follow me.  I went down the rode to a coffee shop that was very busy.  I got out and walked in just as my husband drove up.  I went to the counter and ordered us both a coffee than went and sat down.  No one said a word to me.  He came in and we sat and enjoyed our coffee than left.  A lot of people looked but no one commented to me.  I could see them whispering to each other.

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Hmmm. Nice image:)

Wow! What a perfect woman, do you have a sister who has as much guts as you do?

Hi loved the idea but wow you're very brave to do that in public. Had I have been there photo's would have been taken for my keepsake lol

Hi is and I like to keep him turned on